Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Finally the most wonderful day of the year!  The boys are so spoiled by their family.  Their aunts and uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas are all taking care of these cute little guys!

Owen loved the "babas" he got in his stocking!

The boys all got I love Lake Tahoe monkeys.  They loved them and all wanted to wear them around their necks.

It just wouldn't be Christmas at our house without some masks!

Owen got this Pirate Ship and was so excited.  I loved this Christmas with Owen.  He was ecstatic about everything!  It was so fun to watch his excitement.

 remote control fighting robots were a big hit!

 giant dragons and super heroes!

I got lots of fun stuff for the kitchen!  I was super excited about my pot and my hand vac!  

 In the morning Grandma and Grandpa were here and at dinner time Nana, Ziggy and Uncle Geoff came and it was Christmas all over again.  Isaac loved his costume from Nana!  and the boys loved their monster trucks, legos and spinny things they got from their aunts and uncles.

Kevin shows his excitement for everyone to see.  He really wanted footy pajamas for Christmas and when he opened them he was dying with excitement!  Such a funny kid!

The biggest thing the boys got for Christmas was probably their Ripsticks.  Kevin and Adam both scored one and Isaac got a hurricane razor.  It is a bike with razor wheels on the back so it can do doughnuts.  It is a pretty crazy trike!  For some reason I don't have pictures of this.  I think we were all so excited to go outside and try them out we didn't remember that part!  I was the first to get up on Ripstick so I feel pretty proud of that accomplishment.  I then got to show the boys how it was done!

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