Friday, October 30, 2009

When Grandma comes to visit!!!

It really was so fun to have my mom out for over a week. She had not been out since Adam was born and it was fun to show her some of my favorite "haunts" (cuz it's Halloween time) we were able to do lots of fun things like see our new house in the making, go downtown to the fashion district, eat too much frozen yogurt at Costco, ride the subway to Union Station, visit the pumpkin patch, do lots of crafts and even start packing boxes for you know what. I wish my parents lived closer so we could do more stuff together maybe in more time, lol. When she left I was beat but I knew I could catch up a little after she left but the hours with mom were limited. so here are a couple fun pics of our doings.

apparently no feeding the goats didn't apply to my mom and her grand kids :)

can you guess what this pic is?

we love Grandma!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look what I have created!!!!!

Well my mom has been in town this week and gotten me very motivated to get projects done or at least moving. Here are a couple things we have done!

First we worked on the Advent calendar and have cut out numbers and sewn them on (huge amount of time)

Then I tried a recipe off of Beth's blog which turned out absolutely fabulous and I cannot wait to make it again.

Then Last night we just threw this wreath together, My mom is really good at this kind of stuff, I absolutely love it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

a pumpkin carving!!

Today we carved our pumpkin. Kevin loves this activity and Adam will someday too, I think... Adam was a little worried after digging the seeds out that his hands were all sticky and didn't try that again, but Kevin being a good sport wanted to do all the rest of it anyway. Dad did an awesome job at making it scary just as the boys had requested!! I took pictures, that is totally doing my part right???

The perfect pumpkin
This is hard work!!

Adam says, "eeeewwwww"

These next two pics are the boys' response to show me your scariest face!!!

Now this is a pretty mean looking jack-o-lantern

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Laying low and Wedding Bells!!!

It seems we have been a little bit of home bodies lately due to Kevin's cold sore break out, a cough that Adam had that was of course then passed to Kevin followed by mom (who is currently now suffering from a cough and sore throat and unable to take any "good" drugs for it) But we have even yet had a very busy couple of weeks. I was able to get Kevin to class one day this week before he fell truly ill and I have been making and planning Christmas Presents like crazy. We have been moving forward with our moving plans and it is seeming more and more real every day. We had a yard sale that has left us missing a couple of things we actually do use but that we won't need when we move so again it is feeling more like we are moving. The truly big news though of course is that my Sis (Sarah is called Sis in our family, I'm not sure why because we are all sisters but she got the designation of being sis) got MARRIED!! It was super fun and I am so glad we were able to be there (I am tearing up again thinking about it) Her new hubby, Josh, is a wonderful addition to our family and they are just such a fun couple. She looked gorgeous in a dress I wish I had in another color :D and Josh looked oh so dashing and handsome. They are just so cute. I wouldn't have given up going down and sharing that day with them for anything in the world. They tied the knot at the courthouse and we (Bryan and I) got to be their witnesses and sign the paperwork. The wedding took place on Sis' birthday as well so it was a very special day for the two of them. So here goes...some of the highlights!!

Last chance before what is done is done!!!

It was a hot day and it was a hot dress kudos to Sarah for wearing it for almost 2 hours!!

Just in case you were wondering how my pregnancy is looking...well it is looking :D

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our Little Monkey

Birthday fun abound yesterday when we celebrated Adam's second birthday at North Weddington Park. It was tons of fun for Adam who loves parks, bananas, friends, candy and cake so everything was in place for the best party ever!!!