Friday, March 21, 2014

A Day At The Lake With Nana

Last Saturday we got to go to Lake Mission Viejo with Nana it was a super hot day so even though the Lake was cold the boys ventured in. Our boys were super excited to get to see Nana and Uncle Chris and Uncle Geoff and Aunt Lindsey and AJ! It was like an impromptu family reunion. We ate sandwiches did a little fishing, and went out on the kayaks. It was a full day.

These little guys practiced their Kayaking skills on the float!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mother Daughter Tea Time

Last week my Mom and I went up to Pasadena to visit our favorite tea room. We had so much fun. I had my favorite herbal tea, once upon a tea. It is so, vanilla, and chocolate, and a secret can that not be yummy! We also found out that the tea room is closing at the end of this month which is sort of sad. I have lots of good memories here at The Scarlet Tea Room. I have had several opportunities to meet up with friends here and celebrate special occasions.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Character Matters

This year the boys had a super awesome opportunity to participate in a play.  They got to have play practice and it was a musical which Kevin loved and Adam loathed.  They both had to audition for their parts.  Adam took the part of  "Pig 2" which had a solo song and two lines.  He did an amazing job!  He was so cute that teenage girls were asking for his autograph after the show and telling him he was their favorite!
Kevin took the part of Jack (as in Jack and the Beanstalk)  He had several lines and a longer solo song.  He also did an amazing job and was flawless in his performance. 

My favorite thing Kevin said after the show when we got home:  
Kevin:  "Mom, I need to be in another show.  Make sure it is a musical"
Mom:  "Why a musical"
Kevin: "If you sing you get to be at the mic more"

Yeah that's my boy!

I got very little video of this.  I am hoping I will be able to buy a copy of the whole performance from the PTO but haven't heard any details yet.  But I did get this short clip between chasing the little guys around during dress rehearsal.  (he actually did it perfectly during the actual performance)

Cub Scout Pack Meeting

Kevin had his Pack Meeting last week.  My friend Kathy and I brought some decorations and made it look cute and fun.  I would say Kathy did most of the work.  I can only claim the work in the first picture but pretty much the table was all Kathy.  Kevin was so excited for his meeting.  He earned two beads towards his Wolf badge and did an amazing job at the musical number.  I was one proud Mama and I got a pin too!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Memory Pics

I recently taught Kevin how to play rummy.

Isaac often wears cowboy boots with shorts and rides his scooter...this is just normal.

 Cute pics of Kevin and Adam at their friend's baptism.  I would like to note Kevin's hand signs.  He might actually be partly Asian...

just too cute, Owen blowing on dandelions.

In other news my 22 month old is riding a scooter.  It is kind of crazy...

 Skeleton on the Skateboard.

bike and skateboard trains...very dangerous and seemingly fun!

cute picture of Owen and Grandpa

Cuddles from my almost two year old while I should have been doing the massive pile of laundry that is just out of frame.  Also note that this boy loves this handmade blanket, made by my friend, Shel!

Cute Boys Being Cute Boys!

last week we had two black eyes in the same week...Yikes

Sunday walk with my boys.  We got Owen his own stroller since he loves them so much.  He is pretty much inseparable from it.  Kevin was at a meeting with Dad.  He goes with dad to Ward Council before church every Sunday and reads whatever book he is into in the foyer.  He likes the private time.

I have started walking (since that is all I can do with my ankle).  I do it while the boys are in classes and Isaac is at preschool so I get to hang with this cutie pie!  He is a great work out buddy!

These two boys love painting.  I love my new table that I got for just $25 at target... 4 foot folding table with adjustable awesome especially since the the school room seats two kiddos and now I have somewhere I can also seat two more...kinda perfect considering I have 4 boys!

Valentine's Day at the Low Place

 We decorated the house!  And made our Valentines!  These turned out super cute!

Valentine's Morning was fun for everyone!  Doughnuts and Valentines for my boys!  Flowers for the Mama!

On Valentine's Day we decided to head over to the pool and soak up some rays.  Gotta love So Cal.  Then we headed home to get ready for our big party!

 Getting ready for our big V-day Party!

Our first activity at the party was to decorate a bag for Valentine's and then to decorate cupcakes.

 We had these with some milk.

 Since I have a bunch of boys V-day is not particularly enticing but if I add an Olympic Challenge to the party it is another story.  I decided that although we were in the middle of the Winter Olympics really summer ones applied better to us here in sunny land.  We went with the javelin (a straw), discus (paper plates taped together), shotput (a tape ball), and long jump!  I was so grateful to my friend, Kathy, who made the medals for the awards and to Kristen who brought the paper goods and to Michelle, who supplied the milk which was a lot for 18 kids.

I was demonstrating the proper way to throw the discus...hilarious that Kathy got a picture!

Here were our winners of the V-Day Olympic Challenge!

 Discus:  Viktor, Carmen, Ethan
 Shotput:  Victor, Noah, Adam
 Javelin:  Ethan, Kevin, Viktor

Long Jump:  Scotty, Noah, Viktor

Viktor actually got a medal in all the events, He had a good day at the V-day Olympics

 Then it was time for some Milk and Cake!

We were so excited to have our friends the Johnson's in town from Normal, Illinois.  I love seeing my friend Cherry anytime she is in visiting her family in Irvine.  She has 4 kiddos that are just so sweet and cute.  Kevin and her second kiddo were great friends when they were little and always have fun seeing each other.

That is a lot of kiddos at our table!  I love it!

Finally we handed out our Valentine's and headed home!

and me and my Valentine headed out on our date and left our awesome babysitter to put our sugar crazed children to bed!  

Happy V-Day from the Low Family!