Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Naps and such

I have been working extremely hard to get Kevin to take good naps and stay in bed at night after I put him in his room. These sleeping times have become increasingly stressful, irritating and at some points madening. So this week I have been experimenting...

Monday: I put both boys down at noonish, Adam fell asleep but by 1 Kevin was throwing a fit and woke poor Adam up so I took Adam out and Locked Kevin in. Yes I locked the door. He screamed bloody murder as if he were being torchered with sharp objects for upwards of about 45 minutes. But that night he went to bed with no problem because he really did not want me to put the locks back on.

Tuesday: Separate naps. I put Adam down at 10ish and as soon as he woke up around 12:30 I put Kevin down and he slept for 2 1/2 hours also. That worked but doesn't give me a second to myself (much needed)

Wednesday: I put both boys down at 10:30 because Adam was tired and Kevin hardly slept last night and had us all up through the night. Adam fell asleep Kevin cried at the door, (making progress...he did not come out of the room) But he was not asleep either. So I went in and laid with him in hopes of him just falling asleep...ha ha ha. He didn't sleep, but I did for about 40 minutes so maybe that is all I can ask for.

I am not sure what to do, he definitely still needs his naps b/c he turns into the kid no one wants by about 1 p.m. whining and crying about every single thing that crosses his path. Maybe I will just have to do separate naps but at some point Adam will not be able to honestly go down for his nap at 10, as it is he is tired again by about 3 but bedtime is at 7 and luckily Adam can handle the less sleep and he sleeps in in the mornings until 8-8:30. Kevin is up at 5:30-6ish.

I am open to napping suggestions.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I am not usually a feelings poster, more of a family updater kind am I. So this is out of my league a little bit but it is a short thought.
Recently I have had the opportunity to have other children at my house. This may sound strange, but I love having other people's kids around. I love having my house full of children. They laugh and scream and run and the chaos is my heaven. They make huge toy messes, and it is easy to see that fun was here. I grew up in this environment and it is so special to me. It is has helped me to see that however many children Heavenly Father blesses me with will be perfect although I do hope it is 4ish but that it really is a blessing just to be around lots of children. I hope that one day I will have a house that is the fun house and all my kids want to have their friends at our house and most importantly all their friends are totally cool with hanging at the cool Low family's home. So in my world the more the merrier.
oh and don't ever think that I don't mean it when I say I would love to babysit your little ones :)

can you guess which one is me, lol...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Best friends!

Kevin has taken to introducing Adam to complete strangers as his best friend, Adam. It is so darn cute. Just today he said "Adam, Adam, you are my best friend lets go play with toys in my room." so adorable. Some days I wish I could just freeze time and stay in that single moment or capture it so I could save it for the days when they are not acting so much like best friends.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home Again

It is so fun to go and visit family, but I honestly must say I always feel I need a vacation afterwards. I come home tired, off my time zone, and dreading the whole unpacking thing. I am so glad to be home and the big thing I was dreading, Inspections, are over as of this morning so I am all good. I could not wait to meet up with my friends, whom I have missed more than I thought I would, (Emily and Kristen were here to welcome me home today, and help me with my kids during inspection). I do love having so many friends that I can count on and I love that we are each other's support group. We are there for each other on good news days and bad news days and I so appreciate that of everyone. So this is like a thank you and a sigh of relief at being home and surrounded by those who are my family on this side of the country.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1st day in Tenn and Beyond

Our first day in Tennessee ended like this. Kevin hit his head on the coffee table. Luckily it didn't break through and really this picture does not give justice to how high off his head that bump got. It was at least an inch high and we were sure it was going to open. this picture was taken after the first 40 minutes with ice. we had him laying there with lollypops for about an hour and half. All he has now is a really good bruiser that is turning yellow and brown now. it was a foretelling of how the week would go.

after this we got crazy busy with wedding stuff. Only two full days until the big day so it was nails, favors, rehearsal dinner and I had to find shoes for the big day. Then it came the big day. Rachael was a beautiful bride and she was the princess of the day just as she had hoped. We love you rach, good luck to you and your man, Jason. (oh and welcome, officially, to the fam, Jason).

After the wedding we were all sick. I was sick the night before and all through the wedding but I guess I passed it on and my dad and Bryan were sick for a few days more. Today everyone is well and we are all happy and healthy. Can't wait to get home, though, to my own bed...well mostly to Kevin's own bed, :)