Sunday, February 23, 2014

Things I Don't Want To Forget

 The boys are growing up so stinking fast.

Kevin:  says he will have 1 boy and 5 girls when he grows up making a total of 6 kids.
He also says, When he serves his mission in Japan, he will be"An American Boy In Japan!"  imagine that said with lots of excitement...
Kevin loves reading books.  He has read in the last month, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, and is currently working his way through the first Harry Potter Book.
Kevin has really been doing well with Piano.  He has been picking it up super fast.
Apparently Kevin and his friends sister, Carmen,  have already agreed to get married after their missions.
Kevin wants to be an actor when he grows up, you know like Brad Pitt...last time he got his haircut he found a picture of Brad Pitt and asked the lady to cut his hair like that...

Owen:  If you ask him where his nose is he will stick his finger right up into it!!
If mom or dad raise their voices for any reason Owen comes running to get hugs to make sure he is not the one in trouble.
Owen now says Adam, but he pronounces it "A..M..."  he makes it two syllables
Owen is still a milk fanatic.  I think he could drink an entire gallon in a day if I let him.

Isaac:  I tell Isaac his pants are on backwards, He replies, "No just my pockets are"
conversation between Isaac and Kevin:  Isaac:  "Mom, can we buy some twins"  Kevin, "No because we can't even buy a sister"
Isaac calls a back pack and pack pack...
Isaac's teacher told me he got a hole in his pants at preschool, he responded, "It's okay, Debbie has Holes in her pants"  Debbie is my good friend and he is right she has some jeans that have holes in them that she wears, obviously if Debbie is doing it, it is super cool.

 Adam:  asks me, "If I have girl babies will you get toys for my girls, because you only have toys for boys at your house"
Adam recently decided he didn't like string cheese anymore he announced it at lunch, "My string cheese days are over, mom"
Adam said I am the best mom EVER...when I asked why he said, "Because you let us go to fun classes like musical theater, and football" hhhmmm.
Adam said he likes a girl in his musical theater class.  He gets all red and giggles whenever the name Kiera is brought up.

 Kevin made this nativity for me at Scouts... I'm in love with it!

Owen and Isaac playing connect 4 together, sort of

When the big boys do their reading Owen does not want to feel left out.  He always goes to find himself a book too.
I just adore these boys.  I love all the ways they make me laugh and keep me smiling.  They are just growing into such great kiddos!

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