Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Gloom...or not

June was interesting for us! Aside from the fact that other than this last weekend there has been very little sunshine here in sunny southern Cali for the whole month of June, I have been horrible at my blog. So here is an attempt to jump back in. We haven't done much of anything all month long because of this....

I have been far to sick and tired but for good reason and we are so excited to welcome number 3 to our little, but growing, family . I have had awesome friends who have been helping me with my super cute boys because mom has died on the couch or so it seems. We have been reading lots of books and setting up huge geotrack worlds everyday. Maybe I'll get better at blogging since I have taken the first step and actually done a post.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Perfect Zoo Day

the bird show guarantees smiles every time :)

Today we ventured to the zoo and it could not have been more perfect. The weather was overcast and cool always perfect zoo weather. We hit it at perfect timing due to the week probably there were no preschool/school groups there while we were there. and we pretty much had the place to ourselves so to speak. On top of that we got to see animals up and moving that we hardly ever see like the hippo and the bears and Lions, yes you read right they were all awake because they were eating. The boys had tons of fun actually playing on the play equipment at their leisure and running from animal to animal. I even got an almost 4 hour nap out of Adam and about an hour and half out of Kev. When we got home the boys went right to sleep and I went right to work on my bread. I hope it turns out.