Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Night with the Family in October!!

Tonight we carved our pumpkins.  We went over to Grandma and Grandpa's new home here in Anaheim.  The boys got hard to work on the pumpkins and then Isaac decided to come in and help me and Grandma with treats, like super fun Halloween sugar cookies and hot chocolate!! He was an awesome helper and the  big boys rocked it on our super cool Jack-o-lanterns!!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adam is ***4***

Adam turned 4 last month and we threw a party!!  Although I was still very sick I sucked it up for a day and I have to admit it turned out well.  Lots of his friends from preschool showed up along with some of his favorite family members like Papa and Mima and G-Ma and Grandpa and Aunt Sarah, and Aunt Lindsey too.  He also got his best buddies Caleb and Kien to come down from Agua Dolce, he is one lucky and loved little man!!

I made these cuties to give to all of our winners/participants in our field games!!

Toss the rubber chicken was a big hit!!

Sack races always are fun to watch :D

3 legged races are fun to watch too

We also had just plain races and tug-o-war which were not photographed
then we ate some lunch (hot dogs and chips) and opened some gifts!!

Here is some of the gang, left to right
Braden, Garvey, Adam, Brandon, and Kevin

Then we had cupcakes in ice cream cones!! They turned out super cute and the kids thought they were awesome!!
I want to give a special thank you to Papa who was our grill master and the only reason we have any pictures of this event, so thank you so much Papa!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Love My Boys!!

well I just found a treasure trove of new pics on my computer from where my hubby downloaded his phone pics, yay and I found some fun ones that I had to share!!

So here are some pics and why they are so awesome!!

They play ball with Dad!!

scooters are way big at our house

boys don't mind getting dirty!!!

or wet for that matter

They innately love camping and hiking (at least mine do)

throwing rocks into water will never get old for us!!

boys are crazy no doubt about it

they don't have to wear shirts and steal each other's food!!

Sand from head to toe is definitely not something to worry about

a messy face is pretty normal

climbing up on big rocks to get really wet and scare mom is the most fun

for these and many many more reasons we are so excited to be adding one more boy to our family

Boys Rule, Girls Drool
(at least at our house)