Sunday, September 28, 2008

Adam Turns ONE!!!

Adam turned one this weekend and to celebrate we had a little cook-out with our good friends at the Barty House. Here are some pics of Adam's super fun 1st birthday

Wow what a cake, He didn't eat any b/c he is not really a cake type of guy :)

Some of Adam's buddies!! (Caleb, Logan, Adam, Ezra,Tallulah, and all of thier moms)

Helping Daddy cook

Cowboys and cowgirls at play! (Caleb, Ezra, Tallulah, and Adam)

Adam got lots of fun toys and clothes

enjoying the fruits of his labors!!

Adam's friend Tallulah
Jonah, another good bud...

Family Pic

The Birthday Boy!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I learned Something about My Mom

Today as I was completely stressing over the 200 things I need to accomplish I learned something about my mom that I never focused on. One of the things on my list (love how this makes the list these days) was a shower. My hair looks horrible and if I want to leave the house I will need to fix that the shower would do that. My mom for as long as I have known her washes her hair in the sink what seemed like everyday. I would think why not just hop in the shower quick you get all clean instead of just partially. She had four children, as I looked at the two in one shampoo and conditioner in the guest/kids bath today it dawned on me. There is not time for a shower everyday or anywhere near it when you have children. I washed my hair in the sink today and the whole minute I thought this is why she always did this, Now I can leave the house and continue doing the 200 things I need to and probably I will take a shower tonight after the kids are asleep but for now I can leave the house knowing at least I don't look like a mess even if I am...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why I love being a mom of Boys!!

Light Saber Fights after Bath time!

(Kevin likes to air dry)

Adam Chasing after Kevin.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday Season!

Well thus begins birthday season in our family. We actually have two seasons really, July and Fall, we made it through July. now we usher in the fall season. We are excited to start it with Adam turning 1 and following that will be mine, my sisters, Kevin's, Bryan's brother...then voila we have made it to Thanksgiving followed closely by my favorite holiday of the year Christmas (Christ's Birthday)...I could live in Christmas forever. So from now until Christmas I will be counting down by birthday/holidays until Christmas... each birthday is a marker we have passed that gets us closer to the happiest time of the year, in my opinion. I think it is just that I really love family and tradition and really Christmas brings those things to the forefront. Plus what a perfect time to remember Christ and all he did for us and the miracle of his birth.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Naps are changing at my house. Adam has started waking up usually around 8-8:30 which is great, except that Kevin continues to wake up at 6:30. Due to this sleeping in in the morning Adam is not ready for a nap until 11:30ish which is fine but by then Kevin is ready too so they both go down earlier and we have only one nap a problem. They are really done with the day at 6:00p.m. but Bryan does not get home until 6:30 and because Bryan does not see them in the morning either I feel the need to keep them up. It will be so nice someday when we live closer to Bryan's work (the date keeps moving farther away for that to actually happen). So for now I have really grumpy kids from 5:30-7 nearly every night. There really is nothing I can do about it and after this I am good on the ranting about it as well. maybe our next baby will have an earlier bedtime... (We are not expecting one soon, so don't start rumors)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Losing my Mind

The other day as I was leaving my home to go for a walk to the park, I had to stop off and unlock a vacant unit (job related). So I went over and did it then tried to round up my kids. We have a courtyard in our building and Kevin was playing in it. I found him and got worried because I did not see Adam. I asked Kevin where Adam was. He said, "he's right there mama" I didn't see him. I asked again, more worried, "Kevin, Where is a Adam show me!," He is right there as he pointed towards me.... . . . . My heart racing I look behind me, nothing... Then it happened, I found him, I had been holding him the whole time. Kevin has actually teasing me about this for about 30 minutes calling me silly. I was relieved to have found Adam and I felt totally retarded and hoped nobody had been watching me in the courtyard. This was losing your glasses on your head to a whole new level. So if any of you out there think you are losing your mind sometimes just know it could probably get worse.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Schooling

Well many of my friends and family know this about me but I was home schooled for a good portion of my schooling. This being said, I am now about 90-10 going to home school. To me it is scary but I have put a lot of prayer and thought into this and I think it is what I am going to do. I always thought I would become a school teacher, I even started with a major in education then went to history thinking maybe then I could go on to get my law degree and not teach but with my kids nearing the age (not really) but nearing the age when I have to think about where I want to be when they get into school and what I want to do for pre-school, I am now pretty much sure I will be home schooling. I know it is controversial and I can see both sides of the argument. I have one thing in my favor (some may disagree) but I think I turned out well adjusted and socially able to hold my own. I do not plan on home schooling all the way through but at least through elementary then sending them on their way with a strong sense of family, moral values, and a strong academic base in hopes that they will choose the right based on a stronger testimony of the Gospel and its values. There are things that are being taught in school at too young of an age, and I think that some shelter from today's society is not harmful to very young children. I wanted to get this out there to see what you all think, (it won't change my mind, but it may give me ideas on what to work on when I do home school to make sure that my little ones are socially stable always) Don't worry they will all be in sports and music programs while being home schooled. I loved music and sports in school, I didn't play in elementary but I know that in today's world to compete you have to start much earlier than middle school to make a middle school or high school team.
Here is a little visual history

A picture of my family when I was eight
Left to Right... Sarah, Grandma, Jessie, Mom, Rachael, and me

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just for Laughs

Just a quick thought... or comment... Today Kevin went in the potty number 2 and he always wants to show me, I usually hear, "mom come look" or something like that but today, I could have died laughing as I heard from the bathroom "WOW!, MOM CHECK IT OUT!" It was, of course, a big one... (who taught him that...?)

In Review

So I have been horrible at updating partially due to my camera, I left my charger in Tenn. and had to wait for my little sister to send it back out to me it took a while, of course. But I wanted to do a few weeks in review so here goes.

We went to Disneyland a week ago or so ago and California adventure and had a really fun time...

The pixar parade was Kevin's favorite thing.

We went Camping in Yosemite with the Barty's and that was super fun.

1. Mirror Lake, we hiked to this lake to go swimming, obviously we didn't it was sad
2. the boys eating some snacks after our exhausting hike
3. Our picnic once we found out there was no lake, the rocks were cool though as in not hot.

Adam Learned how to walk and he does it so cute, I love babies just learning to walk they are like little drunk beings.

Kevin is potty trained...!!!! He even didn't have any accidents camping although he went every hour b/c he loved peeing in the bushes, oh to be a boy. and he even went on the toilet for every poo (sorry for poo talk).