Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ghost Town...Bodie, CA

If you ask the boys what we did in Tahoe last time they will probably just tell you about the 2 hour stop off we did on the way home in Bodie, Ca.  This is a ghost town.  The largest in the United States actually.  It is about 13 miles off the main road (395) 10 of those miles are paved.  Then there are 3 very long miles of dirt road.  The views, though, are amazing!


This place was so cool.  It had a graveyard which we got to "respectfully" check out. We walked the  streets that cowboys and outlaws walked.  The boys got to see some pretty shabby cabins and even see "an ancient computer" aka...typewriter.  The boys will tell great stories about the founder of Bodie...just ask them but be ready for the excitement of people being frozen to death in snow, no churches, only saloons, and tons of other stories that intrigued our little guys (and their parents)!

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