Monday, August 31, 2009

An Advent Calandar

So after some research and of course my husbands opinion, who had the final word. (because he is fantastic) I have decided to do this Advent Calandar this year. I have never done one before and I feel a little overwhelmed by starting it, but it is so cute and would be so fun for the boys so here goes.

If you would like to join me here is the tutorial

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things on my one year wish list!!

Here is a list of things I really wish for in the next 12 months. They may not be possible but hey maybe if I put it out there I'll work harder for it, spend less on in-n-out and save more for the really fun stuff. So here they are in no particular order...
-A trip to Washington, where I grew up. I want to show my hubby and my kids just how beautiful it is, and remember for myself. Visit family I haven't seen since my wedding and check out my old stomping grounds...Bellingham, LaConner, Mt Vernon and up where my Uncle lives on Mt. Baker. It would be so fun!!! Take ferries out to the San Juan Islands where I used to play the island teams in Basketball and Volleyball. (yes, we almost always took ferries to our away games)
This super cool couch to fit my family...I am growing out of the futon...I have loved my futon and I love it's washable cover that nothing sticks to but I am done and have to move on and this is perfect versatility for our family (we have to get a bigger place to fit in, though)

Something to store my scrap booking stuff in that is cute just like this!!!

A serger would sure be fun and make sewing so much easier

A house!!! Wait, we "might" be buying this one if so it would be a December move in...finger's crossed!!! (we are still waiting after only 6 months for city approval on our loan)

So this could end up being a pretty pricey year for us...Or I may have a lot of things still on my wish list for next year :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So this month Adam has not only learned how to efficiently crawl out of his crib but his newest feat is opening doors including the front door, I guess it is time to put a safety lock on it... I guess the most interesting part of this is that Kevin never crawled out of the crib, (he still can't get out if I put him in, LOL) and I never had to put a safety lock on the door for Kevin because he would have never even thought of opening the door without mom telling him to. Not Adam!!! Now that he has this down he has found a way out and wow is it irritating. I love the second picture where is acting like he isn't doing anything wrong...
(he told me while I was taking this last picture, "don't look mommy, don't look")

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hip Giveaway

A couple of my friends have started a business and to get things rolling they are doing a giveaway of super cool infant gowns. Check it out here

Good Luck!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I don't mean to brag but....

He cleaned and mopped and hand scrubbed the whole kitchen...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Ventura County Fair!!!

Yesterday we went to the Fair. It was the first time for the kids and we had a such a fun time. We got to meet up with the boy's cousin Travis and Bryan's Aunt Ellen whom we hadn't seen it quite a few months (probably since Easter) so that was really fun. The boys got to ride a couple rides and we enjoyed some fair food (nachos, fries with cheese dip and corn dogs) We went yesterday because we could get in for a dollar, now that is a good deal and freed up some funds to have fun once we got inside. It was super crowded but we were only there a few hours and got to see the farm animals and pet them and even touch some pigs.

Travis and Kevin rode the cars all by themselves and had an absolute blast. The screamed hysterically around every corner. It was so fun to watch!!

The slide was a huge hit! Although they both looked terrified going down they both cried to go again so I guess it was scary fun!!!

Kevin had a hard time staying upright for some reason...Travis was a rock star of course and made it down first!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

oh Kevin (sigh)

Today, because Kevin would not take a nap, we worked on finding quiet things to do during Adam's nap. Kevin had the idea of me taking pictures of him. I said sure and he had a blast here are some of his pictures that he came up with. ( he would say "ready" when it was time to take the picture) We took pictures until the batteries died on the camera :) . Here is a small sampling...

Monday, August 3, 2009

100th POST!!!

well too bad I couldn't have had something exciting happening on my 100th post, this could be a let down like the 100th episode of sytycd, ha ha...

This is an update post to say I am feeling better, YAY...I have been barf free for 1 week, that really is huge by the way. I guess to make this post a little more exciting I will also put a pic of my latest project that was so easy and way fun. A huge thanks to Hillary for finding this tutorial and emailing me about it. I love having friends to share all of our crafting finds and secrets with.
yes this is pretty wrinkly I wore it all day yesterday followed by the pink one today, sooo comfortable!!!
For the free tutorial go here and link to the altered cloth site in the post.

Well why not add this cute pic of Adam that I have from this week and one of Kevin too

and this week we celebrated our anniversary (last Tuesday, 8 years) and for dinner we had these: Classy, I know
and Bryan brought me home this perfectly camouflaged pie, Marie Calendars Double Lemon Cream Pie, my absolute most favorite pie ever. (and the kids had no idea it was a pie and we enjoyed it all week without having to share any of it, I have such a brilliant husband)