Sunday, February 23, 2014

Two Parties, One Crazy Day!

Party A.M.
Breakfast with Santa Clause!

We all got to open presents way before Christmas and to our surprise we all got new Jammies!
It was perfect timing because it was a jammie party!

 The kiddos were super excited because they each got a gift from Santa.  They all got books except Kevin got a notepad and a pen.

 They all listened to story about the true meaning of Christmas!  Owen stood in front and picked his nose...

 When Santa asked Kevin if he had been good this year, he responded, "Mostly" I love his honesty!

Party P.M.

Colony Park Holiday Party

This party was a little of a stress factor for me.  I am on the Colony Park Events Committee.  I get to help plan the events for our community.  This event was pretty big last year about 150 people but our neighborhood has grown another 50% since then so we figured we would get a big crowd.  We were having it at the new Cabana which was also going to be the grand opening.  The problem was that it held 120 people.  So we had planned on putting outdoor heaters outside to try to draw people out of the building.  Of course they were calling for rain all day...The Pool deck is not covered.  I was in charge of decorating.  This included setting up 4 Christmas trees and decorating the inside to make it look "holiday ish"  I am so fortunate that my good friend Debbie helped me because it took about 3 hours and I ended up being the person to let the catering in and the table and heater rentals people in and tell everyone where to set up and so on and so forth... we ended up with a little over 300 people at the party!  I would say it was a success, but I was just glad when it was over.  Afterwards we went out on a double date with Debbie and her Hubby, Brian, for some Pho and to watch the second Hunger Games movie.  It was nice to have a night out after this crazy party day!

The boys got to see Santa....again....

 Owen was not really very impressed...this is as close as he was getting....

Here is a group pic of the kiddos.  We have lots of friends in our neighborhood.  We feel blessed to live here!

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