Monday, March 17, 2014

A Working Holiday!

We were so lucky to have Bryan home all week during Christmas week.  He got right to work after Christmas and finished up some projects we had been putting off.

First he tackled the guest bathroom.  Sadly the place in our home that everyone one saw was the only place we had never gotten around to painting.  We lovingly referred to it as our hospital bathroom.  It had white cabinets, with white walls, a white floor and a lovely white shower curtain.  I pretty much hated it.  Anyone who knows me, knows that white just isn't my thing.  So I knew we had to add some color to this super sterile bathroom.  We began by deciding to paint the cabinet.  This was a project in its own right.  Cabinets are not that easy to paint, turns out.  We took a couple months picking the color.  I finally convinced Bryan that we should go with my favorite color.

 You can see that it took uuuhhmmm several coats of paint to get our desired look.

The color was beautiful we just had to get enough super thin coats on to make it look good and not drip down the cabinet.

Eventually we did get a nice even coat and it is gorgeous!

I was super stoked to score this a good friend of mine!  I love it in my bathroom and I get to add new things for each holiday in it to spice up my bathroom...yay!  I know I am a total geek...oh yeah and that towel rack is gone now.  We got rid of that when we painted the walls...the towels live in the bottom of the cabinet now.

After we got the cabinet painted it was time to paint the walls!  We picked Toasted Almond, the same color we have for all the neutral walls in our home.

after painting the walls we needed to spray paint our wood framed mirror which we picked up off craigslist for $20.  It was a strange brown/gold color, but nothing a can of white spray paint could not fix.  We also took down the picture on the wall and painted that frame white to update it.  It has some sentimental value, Our favorite tenants in our old apartment building that we used to manage painted the picture and gave it to us.  They are very elderly and were so super sweet.  They were like grandparents to our kiddos and we still try to visit them if we are up in the area.

 So here it is completed!  The picture below is the shower curtain we picked out for the bathroom.  I love how it pulls everything together.  I now love my guest bathroom and I am proud to send people to the potty!

Next we built some shelves in the big boys' room.  We wanted them to have space to store their games and toys and since they didn't really use their toy boxes.  The shelves store a lot more stuff for them.

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