Thursday, April 30, 2009

A light at the end of the tunnel!!

Well the last week has been pretty horrible. We have been battling illness at our home. Adam got very sick last Friday and landed himself in the Emergency room on Sunday (Dehydration). Then he was super fussy by Tuesday and on Wednesday I took him to the pediatrician to find out that he has , also, a raging ear infection. All that being said we are now on antibiotics and he has not thrown up since Tuesday (yay!) and we seem to be coming out of our fog. Although Kevin woke up in the middle of the night last night saying his tummy hurt. I am praying really hard it was just gas. I don't know if I can go another round. We will hopefully be out and about in no time, we might even make it to a park.

here is a pick of what we are looking forward to in the near future... Fun and Friends!! Notice little Abby Nash (the Princess) and Jonah Barty!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday!

This is my favorite movie (that is not a classic, classics top my list). It came out on DVD about the same time that I met Bryan and I was sure it was a sign that I had met the love of my life online just like my favorite gal...Meg Ryan. If you haven't seen it, you totally should. It is fun and cheesy and perfect. So there you have it, I like cheesy movies.

This is another favorite of mine because when I talked to Bryan the first time I was ever on the phone with him (I loved this movie before I met Bry too) He said he looked a little like the guy from the Princess Bride, not knowing I loved that movie and it was the only movie poster I ever had in my bedroom and it was a huge one and it was hanging there that day. It was yet another sign :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fountains of Fun

We recently took a trip up to Universal City Walk with some friends. It was a super hot day, high 90's and to beat the heat we took a tram (because kids love trams, and parents love free) up to Universal for one purpose play in the fountains. Here are some pics, not great b/c I only had my phone but it was such a blast and my boys have not stopped talking about buses (trams) and fountains since.
Kevin and Oliver just getting started!!

Kevin in the fountains!

Abby being so brave and running through.

Did you notice Adam missing? He didn't go in the fountains at all he is really not one for cold water and surprise sprays. He liked putting his hand in the other non splashy fountain though. The big boys ended up soaking wet from head to toe and shivering by the time we were done, what a fun way to cool down!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday!

Here it is...Drum Roll Please...........ddddddididididdiididii....It is really not that exciting. But wait for it.

I collected teddy bears the entire time I was growing up. I had hundreds of them in every shape and form. I had fuzzy ones, glass ones, porcelain ones and wooden ones. My room looked like Boyd's bears had set up shop and wasn't leaving. I recently sold all my bears in a yard sale for 50 cents a piece almost every single one sold. I was really surprised that anyone would want my old bears but they were in perfect condition. I never played with them I just collected them. So there you have it something you never knew you didn't want to know about me, lol

p.s. that pic is the picture I sent to Bryan in the mail to show him what I looked like when we met online. I guess it won him over :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A parent sized move

It took me forever to come up with a title that didn't lead people to believe we were moving, we aren't but my Parents are and I just got back from helping them get started to the tune of over a 100 boxes. I took zero pictures while out there so I am waiting impatiently for pics of my new niece and I from my sister, but I found a pic of my mom and dad's new house on the Internet, it was recently listed. Seriously, this is the house...oh how I wish I lived somewhere where housing was not so expensive...I qualify currently to buy this house.
any way so they are in the process of moving to this new house which is a little smaller than their last house. So I can't wait to go back and visit and relax in the new house :) Oh and if any of you are looking for a Gatlinburg trip to the Smokey Mountains, let me know. I know a great place to stay (pictured above) lol (mom you don't mind right?)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a super fun Easter day this year. We woke up and, after everyone woke up, had a yummy breakfast....cinnamon things.... Then we looked for our baskets and found them.

Then headed off to church.

After church we headed down to the Low family Easter Party in Huntington Beach. There we had Easter egg hunts for the little kids and big kids (Bryan and I both found eggs with lottery tickets and each won a free lottery ticket, but no money) Then the little kids had a pinata, which they quickly decapitated (it was a bunny).

and after a whole afternoon of eating things we should not have we headed over to the South Orange County Family Party and visited with them for a couple of hours and helped them with some of their dessert. all in all it was a wonderful day and we had such fun. Thanks, family, for hosting us ;)

I will post more pics when I get them from Bob....(Bob, did you get that :D)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter party playdate!!

Today, the boys had a little Easter Party at the park with a bunch of thier friends. We decorated lunch bags with sticker then went out to find eggs in the grass. They had a blast. I didn't get very many pics because I forgot to take out my camera until everything was pretty much over. I guess sometimes that is the way it goes but I got a way cute pic of each of the boys so that will have to do ;)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday...or bird trouble

Well today's random fact is more of a fact about how apparently appealing our bedroom window is....
So on Sunday Bryan was woken up before Kevin woke up by this beauty.
He then told me about it but I didn't think much of it until Monday when it happened to me. This bird pecks on the window and runs into it. It is now Wednesday and I couldn't help but catch him in the action (he now does it all day long). I have been woken by this bird when the sun comes up around 6:20 every morning this week. What is it about the window? If you know bunches about birds and have an idea on why it is doing it and how I can make him stop...HELP ME!!
Here are some pics of the bird pecking my window and running into it.


you can see it near the top of this pic, running into my window...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

quick story

I just moments ago told Kevin that we needed to eat and get ready to go; we have to leave in 30 minutes. He responded by saying he didn't want to eat. I then explained that if he wanted to go bye bye then he had to or we could just stay home all day starving. He responded rather nonchalant like....

"Just a minute, Love"


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun with friends

We have had the opportunity to hang out with friends lots and lots lately, here are some pics of the boys and buddies.

Kevin and Kien...puzzle madness!! (and don't forget the firetrucks)

Josie and Kevin... fun hugs!
(Taken off Sarah's Blog)
Adam and Caleb lovin' some grapes! Adam cried for two days everytime he saw his knee, it was just a little sidewalk scratch once we got it all cleaned up, lol (he needed loved and cuddled after every diaper change because all of the sudden the sight of it made it hurt all over again :)
Picnic? anyone?
Kien, Kevin, Caleb, and Adam

A couple of videos...

(if these toys came from you they love them!!)

I love how Adam tries to help Caleb get back up, "its just not as fun if we both aren't doing it!!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday

So I played sports...I played Volleyball, Basketball and I would say I ran track but I didn't but I threw discus and shot put and I pole vaulted. I won best field all 4 years of High School and I even got a scholarship to throw discus at ETSU that I didn't take because the coach said I would have to run an event as well. I really hate running competitively. Although I have recently taken on sewing and scrap booking as fulfilling hobbies my true love is in sports and I would choose Volleyball or Tennis over most any other activity. (Tennis I picked up b/c Bryan and his family are into it) So there you have it my secret love, and by the way, why doesn't our stake have sports???