Friday, October 29, 2010


What to do with all of the artwork...My perfect plan stolen from some one's blog that I jumped to about 3 or 4 jumps in I found this idea for what to do with artwork from school!!!!

Yup in the Garage!! Adam and I have been working hard to keep his side of the wall looking as full as Kevin's. Since Kevin is in preschool he brings new stuff home everyday and Adam and I have been having lots of fun keeping up :D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

and so the search begins

We, me and the three little guys, are on a quest to find the nearest nicest park with sand to our home. It is quite a quest (we should make that the "the word on the street" quest, lol, if you get that joke you are in my boat) We have wood chips everywhere we go here in Anaheim so far and so Yesterday we tried out a park in Fullerton called Hillcrest Park. On the website it did not mention whether it had sand or not, while others tell you this one didn't so we thought we would try it out. It had wood chips but it was a fun little park with lots of fun character. First Kevin brought it to our attention as we were parking that this park was wooden WHOAH!!! and so it was. but I liked some of the activities it had and it had a nice parking lot and very few people there most of the time we were their by ourselves which can be good and bad. It had a nice covered picnic area like really covered and shaded on a huge grassy lawn something to look into for future park parties (except our park 100 yards from us will be done in 2 weeks and it has a nice picnic area too, eeeeekkkkkk girly squeal, I am just as excited as the boys for it to be done) So without any further ado I bring you ....
Hillcrest Park Pictures!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A day with our friends!!

we recently had an opportunity to go visit some of our oldest friends, They are not old we have just been friends a really long time :D It was so fun to catch up and find out what everyone has been up to and what upcoming plans were. The kids had a blast and so did all of us adults who always have more fun when the kiddos are having fun. The boys took a particular liking to Baylie who loved them playing monster with her. We ate a wonderful dinner. Claire made pumpkin butternut squash soup, Brooke made meatball subs, I was the slacker and brought brown rice with cranberries (from out of Brooke's fridge). We gathered at the McCoy home and got to enjoy their awesome back yard complete with grassy slopes perfect for rolling down and playing on all day long... There was lots of kids, food and fun, a perfect afternoon :D

even Isaac took a little roll down the hill, and survived :D

they didn't scare her one little bit!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday Out!!

Last Saturday I needed some time and my family was awesome to let me have it. I went down to Laguna Beach and hung with my parents. I went to lunch at the Greeter's Corner Cafe with my Dad then trained at the shop with my mom. It was fun. (I felt like such a big girl, lol) My mom's shop is doing very well and she is loving having it. (Remember any one mentioning my name gets 20% off one item) Here are some pics from my day out!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Night in Hollywood

This year my birthday celebrations ended with a night in Hollywood. Bryan's mom was so sweet to come watch all the boys while my parents and us had a night on the town. We ate at a fantastic little restaurant called Off Vine then went to the Pantages to watch Phantom of the Opera. It was so so much fun!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My big helper

Kevin got to feed Isaac for the first time and I think they both loved it. It was so cute watching it and hilarious how much food ended up on Isaac's face instead of in his mouth. But I was able to get Adam ready to go for the day so we could get out the door in time for his 3 year check up. Adam often times doesn't like to get dressed in the morning it takes half the morning to get that kid on target as far as getting out of his jammies he really likes to be in them. (well that was a bit of a tangent but worth recording, lol)

Because We love Adam even though he takes a long time to get moving in the morning!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adam bites his tongue and other pics from the pumpking patch!!

Irvine regional park made for a fun little pumpkin patch. we had lots of fun in the hay maze and the haunted house we took pictures in all of the picture taking holes, I only included a couple. It was super fun to have my sister Jessie and her daughter Kyah with us. Here is the Adam bites his tongue sequence...I don't know why but it totally makes me laugh, mostly because I didn't know it had happened until I was done with the photo op.

Kyah and Isaac
We had a picnic first
under a really big tree. It was so very hot that day and humid too