Saturday, July 25, 2009

the little things

I recently saw this picture on another blog and it made me smile so I wanted to share it :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Beach is a good place to be!

We recently went to County Line a beach that I had never been to before. The boys, (Bryan, Carson McKay, and Kirk Westwood) wanted to go surfing so we headed up there and met some friends. It was a super fun day and the boys always love a good beach day and I love it too...

yes, little Salem Westwood poured a bucket of sand on me while I was sunning it was such a surprise another good reason to not really close your eyes at the beach with kids even if someone is watching yours....

Did I do that???

Recently the boys have taken to dumping all of their toys out of all the bins in their room. They do not do this in a malicious fashion but simply because they want to play with the bins, they can make stairs with them and then jump onto the couch. Doesn't that sound like so much fun? Well it is fun, but they then have to clean their room which is the craziest mess ever and makes me want to get rid of every toy that comes with more than one piece and pieces smaller than a soccer ball. So here is the latest shots at what mayhem this activity leaves their bedroom in.

We almost lost Adam in there

Monday, July 20, 2009

We love bedtime at our house and we have decided to share some of the reasons why. By sharing all the reasons why each night Kevin cannot go to bed so here they are in no particular order. He usually comes out about 4-5 times on average a night using these excuses.
- I need water
- I need to go to the bathroom
- I need covered
- My leg hurts
- My back hurts
- I hit my head on my bed
- Adam is crying, I don't like it
- Adam has a stinky diaper (he never really does)
- I'm hungry
- I want a hug
- It is too bright
- My music isn't working
- My eyes are itching
- my ear is itching
- I'm not tired
- I'm too hot
- I'm too cold
- My foot/leg is asleep
- There is a bug in my room
- My Darth Vader toy is too scary
- my night light is not working
- Balloons are dangerous in my room, here dad...
- I tooted, I might have to poop
Although each night we get rather agitated we know he just wants to make sure he is not missing out on any of the fun. We love him and all his excuses for not going to sleep.

Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July

So I am running a little behind but hey what can I say, better late than never. We had so much fun on the 4th of July this year we went to a friends home that lives right next door to cbs studios, who charges for a pretty cool fireworks show, but we watched it in the yard next door. It was right overhead and way cool and with fun friends and good food who could ask for more.

The boys' outfits are courtesy of our friends, Nicole and Shannon, that went on their honeymoon to Hawaii and brought the boys back these super cute outfits that now totally fit them almost 2 years later and right in time for the 4th. They were a smash hit :)

Adam was a little afraid of the fireworks and when it was over just repeated over and over..."no more fire?"
Kevin, on the other hand hung with all the big kids on the trampoline who pretended they were getting bombed with each explosion, he didn't need mom and dad at all...