Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Dollywood we go

Our second full day here we went to Dollywood. It was fun and we got to ride lots of teeny weeny rides.

Adam has ridden the train here at Dollywood Three times and has never stayed awake during it even once. It is a 5 mile ride on a real coal train up into the smokey mountains.

The next day we went to the Dollwyood Splash Country water park with Aunt Jessie and Baby Kyah, you know these boys love some water slides...

it made me a little jealous that she looked so fabulous in her brand new bikini with her 4 month old....Yuk!!!!

The next day Kevin was/is sick. So today we are staying home and making curtains. Does he look so adorable and pathetic. He sure knows how to milk a whole day of movies out of his mama :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun and Family

We have been having fun spending time with the fam here are some fun pics.
Kyah and I she is such a cute and round baby, I love round babies...

All the cousins this year brought 3 new cousins for Kevin and Adam they were the only ones until January, Cousins are so much fun it is great to have other kids around.

Here are some pics of the inside of my mom's new house. It is just so gorgeous and bright. I love all the windows and decks. we got to witness a thunder and lightning storm last night on the the screened in porch...very fun.

my family is still not completely moved in there is nothing in any bookshelves and nothing in the china cabinet but it is totally fun being here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Famous Famous!!!

So Kevin did make the newspaper. He had his first quote in print Today!! We are all pretty excited around here, well maybe me more than anyone else but dang how fun is that for the scrapbook!! Kevin's blurb is on the second page, first column near the bottom but I blew up just in case you couldn't find it :D. The article appeared in the Burbank Leader.

In case you didn't read back a few posts here are some of the pics of what he was talking about

I was a little disgruntled that after spelling his last name correctly to the reporter it was still misspelled but what can you do....Too Fun HUH????

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday: Meet Marie Johnson

Here is a little known fact. I had another identity once. For a little over 2 years of my life I decided to go by Marie instead of Tanya. I am not sure exactly what caused me to think this was a fabulous idea but there were things going on in my life and I like the idea of changing my name, even now I may decide to just go by Tawn, or some people call me Ton Ton and Tawny and I kind of like it. In my family we have always had nicknames and nobody is called by their full name EVER. At home with my family I am officially Tawny, if someone calls me something else it is because they are extremely angry at me. My sister's bf's and husbands even call me Tawny. So here is Marie Johnson.

She played volleyball and basketball (played on the 8th grade team in 7th grade....big stuff there), took jazz and ballet classes, and was a beginner flugal horn player in the pep band for the LaConner Braves. Yes I was in band through 8th grade then I bowed out in favor of sports my true passion.

Yes that is an actual place, our front porch of our home during the winter in LaConner, Washington. (and that is definitely a perm, looks like we all got one :D ) I totally looked like a Marie back then don't you think?

When I moved to Tennessee I changed my name back to Tanya upon my mom's request and making me feel a little guilty since she pulled the "I gave you a beautiful name" trick on me so back to Tanya Johnson I went. But it is nice because I always know what era of my life people are calling or writing from by what they call me. I love the call..."Hey is Marie there?" I just know this is going to be good because it is a way blast from the past.

There are many things that Marie got to do that were first like a first kiss, a first BFF, my first dance, my first dance recital, yikes, and my first non country tape (yes tape) it was Brian Adams. Our family listened to country so did I until Brian Adams. So a little history lesson, who knew I had a secret identity????

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Firemen in the making

Today we ventured into Burbank to attend the annual Fire Service Day. We went to a pancake breakfast which was very yummy then went and saw all the fire trucks, and police cars (and motorcycles) We, of course, forgot our camera but we took some pics with our cell phones so excuse the quality of some of them. But we had tons of fun and the boys got to listen to the Alley Cats, a singing group that sang Kevin's favorite song The Lion Sleeps Tonight. and we went to the farmer's market they had there and got some yummy peaches and corn on the cob for dinner. It was such a fun day and so nice to be out and about again now that the boys are all back to normal.
the first thing we did was that Kevin did the obstacle course where he got to hook the hose up to the fire hydrant, then spray out the fire, climb a little roof and hammer on it, then he picked up a hose carried to a designated area then raveled a hose back are a couple pics from that adventure....oh wait I almost forgot then he was interviewed by the Burbank Leader about what the best part was...we will have to see if he makes the newspaper at 3 and a half.

We spent the rest of the morning testing out the vehicles to see if we liked them. WE DID!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the fun we've had

So most people know we have been racked with a horrible flu virus lately at our home but we did manage to get out once between the two boys' illness' and were glad to do it. The light at the end of the tunnel was disturbingly farther away than I had anticipated but we are doing better now in that both boys are feeling pretty good, Yay!!! So we went to the park last Friday morning, that was super fun.

Then Adam, to pass the time while Kevin was sick found things to do like dressing himself for the he says, "Let's Go!" He can put his own boots on so they are his favorite shoes right now.

Then finally today we walked up to the Ralphs shopping center (I say we, but I walked they rode in the stroller), and got some smoothies...yum. I think things are looking up here at the Low residence. We were very sad that we had to cancel our trip to Tennessee this week but in the long run we are glad that when we go out later everyone will be feeling much better and we can enjoy Dollywood much much more :D !!!!