Monday, March 21, 2011

Just trying to avoid the paparazzi!

yesterday while goofing around on the at floor plans for the new models going up in our neighborhood...I came across this picture!!!

You can link to the website here...and I'm not trying to get you to move here...okay so I am, (we love our community and our home) but you should check it out and the new floor plans too...they are building single family homes and town homes for your viewing/living enjoyment...and you get to see a picture of Adam on the homepage top left hand corner in the slide show there is about 6 pictures and he is one of them...they think he is a cutie too :D

update: I went to the sales office today and saw that they had one framed picture of Adam at the park on the wall and three pictures of the boys two of Adam and 1 of Kevin and Adam at the park on their giant screen slide shows in the office...Yes we are like local celebrities...

Did I mention Isaac and I were in the newspaper because I spoke at a press conference...I can't remember if I blogged about that or not but here is the link to the newspaper article :D I fear this picture of me in the newspaper is like the worst picture EVER but the family pic is not so bad so there are two in the slideshow :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feeling the MOM vibes

So it is official we bought a minivan I only thought I was a mom of 3 before, now I feel like a mom of 3. We love it!! It is gorgeous, I am so glad I didn't settle for anything but the really hard to keep clean BLACK one because, I love it. ( I have a strange affinity towards black vehicles, I believe all vehicles look better in black) It drives like a dream compared to our 99 dodge durango with a V8 , 5.9 liter engine. and will probably use about half the gas which will be nice come this summer when gas will be 5 dollars (it is already 4 dollars here for those of you that don't live on this side of things) The boys think it is SUPER fun. Their favorite feature (we have not gotten the entertainment system installed yet) is the sliding doors that open "all by themselves" in Kevin's words "now I don't have to get soooo tired opening and closing the doors" I love that kid :D....

Now for the car buying story....(there is always a car buying story)

We wanted to do it the easy way you know through costco... get a price...go buy done....

we tried it and we didn't like the costco price, of course, why would we want it to be easy. but we went and met with the costco guy which was a meeting at 6:00 p.m. an especially hard time of the day of course and so we waited for Bryan to get home raced over to Costco, I had to get some things that night for a party I was having the next day at my house ( a belated wedding reception) and the boys ate while I shopped then we rushed over to Miller Toyota and ....kinda liked the car.....and really didn't like the sales guy (who was not a sales guy) but honestly who doesn't want to be told why they WOULD want to buy a car and start making car payments when we haven't at all for a couple of years. He knew very little about the car and we felt blah about the whole thing and then the price was blah too and the color was blah....gray (that is blah for me, other's love gray) So we went home....late....and the kids got in bed by about 9:30....
The next day we set up an appointment at another dealership, Puente Hills Toyota, with another guy that had given us a better quote online...So after the belated wedding reception party we went to the dealership and saw more gray and white minivans but now the price was in our range it wasn't really the entertainment system we would have preferred but hey they have nothing now the kiddos weren't going to complain, and the payments were comfortable so we thought, you can't get everything, or can you???? We ended up getting the exact entertainment system we wanted and my last minute request...."Could we Get it in BLACK?" So a few calls to some other dealerships and voilla!! a black Toyota Sienna with the drop down flat screen from the ceiling/roof...automatic doors, back up cam and my favorite feature, bluetooth, which can play my Meaghan Smith album right off the ipod feature of my new iphone through the car speakers and I am one happy Mama!! Of course, although we got to the dealership at 5:30 p.m. we didn't leave until 10 p.m. and of course we missed dinner (good thing I had water and an abundance of animal crackers in my "purse" Luckily they had a big screen playing toy story 3, and some motocross racing video games there and that entertained Kevin and Adam but Isaac was a force to be reckoned with. ( he is like Kevin and for those of you that knew Kevin as a baby, you know he ONLY sleeps in a does Isaac) he sleeps fantastically in a bed but not so much anywhere else, even the car. Long story, less long, we were going through an in&out drivethru at 10 p.m getting 3 plain cheeseburgers on our way home and all of this in time for daylight savings that night!!!

The boys are trying to catch up on their sleep the last 3 days they have slept in till" almost 9, and 8:30 which for them is way late as they are 6-6:30 a.m. boys...but we do love the new car!! and eventually we will catch up on our sleep too :D

It may have been this video that made us buy it :D

and Here it is

Thursday, March 3, 2011

recent favorites

Here is a grouping of random pics from the last few weeks.
Here is Adam climbing a tree. The boys had their first sleepover at Mima and Papa's house a couple of weekends ago and had tons of fun. One of their adventures was climbing trees!!

Kevin too!!
a cute pic of Adam I just love this one!!
Isaac loves being pushed around on the scooter. He feels like one of the big boys!!
too cute to pass up!!
we love going to our very own park. Isaac loves driving the train!!
Apparently it warmed up substantially from the morning, when it was freezing, till noon, when it was hot!!
handsome boys!!
Isaac recently experienced his first lollipop, it was a hit!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Isaac Turned One and We Celebrated :D

hot dogs and bratwurst for all oh and *special salad* (frog eye salad)

Grandma and the birthday boy. It is so fun to have my parents close by this is the first birthday party they have been able to attend for any of our kiddos :D

Nana specialty: gorgeous cupcakes, just perfect for a boy who loves balls

speaking of a boy who loves balls here he is :D

Some friends from across the greenbelt Jessica (mom) and Amelie (the sweet thing in the bonnet)
the little ball pit was a hit for all :D

What is this wonderfulness???

all my boys and their cupcakes

The friends!!! we are missing Amelie here she had to go home for a nap and Evelyn who might have been sleeping too :)

Friends and family on the lawn!!

He made out like a little bandit!! :D

Happy one year Isaac!!!
What a perfect addition to our family you are.