Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I've been doing in my spare time, LOL

I have been making Isaac's room look like someone lives there. He is now sleeping in his own bed in his own room and when we put him in there last week I felt so bad that it was bumperless and crib skirtless and pretty much a storage room but we remedied that and now it is just as cute as him, well maybe not as cute as him but pretty darn cute!!!

Quick update: Isaac can now grasp his hands together and raise them right to his mouth. so he chews on his fists all day long, even that is so cute!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

a ilttle of this and a little of that

This week has been pretty eventful for our little family. We have had lots of fun but are pretty worn out now that it is Saturday.

Here is a picture of Kevin and Isaac that I love, what cuties
Kevin started a preschool program here in Anaheim on Tuesday and Thursdays and is very excited about it. He loves being a big boy and going to "school"
here he is out front of his school

in his class

and with his school work

Isaac is getting more and more smiley and we love it!!

Friday I had my wisdom teeth removed and have been feeling a bit in pain and bit woozy from the pain meds but we were still able today to get to our pool. Which was heated and wonderful and have a little hot dog cookout brought poolside. (I tried to eat a hot dog but it was not a good situation, I know, I know soft foods only)
Daddy and Isaac poolside

Adam loves the stairs

Mommy got to sport her new suit

Kevin didn't ever want to leave

It was so much fun hanging with the family at our new pool. We were the only ones there for the most part so we had free run of the whole thing. The pool was so warm and the sun was shining!! Perfection!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

oh for Cuteness Sakes

A friend from our New Ward down here in Anaheim, Jessica Bradshaw, came over with her two kiddos and brought her camera too for a super fun play date. While the kids played she captured some really really cute pics of the boys. Here they are!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Weekend and then some!!

Our Easter weekend was very fun filled. Friday evening our friends, the Stevens, came and had dinner with us and stayed the night. It was fun to have a house full of people and see old friends

Saturday morning we had BREAKFAST and it was super yummy. Here is Jake digging into his...
Saturday also started General Conference so we watched both sessions and got the boys' haircuts!!
Then it was Easter Sunday. We got up and got ready to go to Nana's house for another Awesome breakfast and some more conference and Easter celebrating!!

Then for lunch we headed to the Low Party. The boys had an Easter Egg hunt then quickly went to seeing (eating) what they found!!

and before we knew it this was all that remained!!!

The adult kids had an Easter Egg hunt as well which I am pleased to say I was the champ because I found TWO golden eggs which contained big prizes (gift cards, yay) everyone else only got one...

cute pic of Bryan and Isaac!!

sweet pic of Mima and Isaac sitting on the Hammock!!

Then it was Monday and the fun was not over yet!! we had 3 of my girlfriends from Studio City , The Taits, The Bartys, and The Heders, come down with all of their little ones making a grand total for the day at my house of 10 children 4 and under, It was super fun we sure do miss our Studio City friends!!!

And that was that. Then we had a pretty normal week after that which was good because we were pretty tired...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just like Riding a Bike

Yes, we are so excited that Adam rides a Bike now and he is so proud of himself too.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

playing catch up!!

Well this post will start from two weeks ago when my sister Rachael came to visit. We did tons of fun stuff. We went to Newport Beach (twice) did Knotts berry farm and even took a little trip up to San Pedro. Here are some pics that everyone looks great in :D

Aunt Rachie with the boys in San Pedro

Isaac in blue with footballs he is just cute to look at :D

Tawny and Rach at Newport Beach with our frozen Bananas!!!

Kevin and Adam at Knotts Berry Farm

Aunt Rachie and Kevin on the train at Knotts Berry Farm.