Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 09'

Christmas Preparations!!!
for Christmas this year we got a Lionel Train set from Papa and Mima. We set it up when we set up the tree it has been a really big hit at our house :D
Making cookies is always fun!!!

Christmas Eve with the Cookes:

The last thing we did was go to feed the "reindeer" which were actually just deer but equally fun.

Mud is fun!!!!

Kevin loved the quad bike and was willing to ride with anyone that would take him this is Kevin and Mark

They got so muddy during the taking of this picture :D

Adam was not so into the quad bike but loved stomping in the mud and pushing his truck through it.

Kevin after the Picture of the quad bike going by, lol

Daddy and Kevin!!

We started the day at the snow in Forest Falls!!

Wow what a handsome guy!!

Kevin and Kien best buddies!!!

Adam so enjoyed eating the snow and he like sledding as well

Christmas Morning!!!

We got a Wii!!

Aunt Sarah!!

Uncle Josh!!

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year in our new home and with people we love to be around. We love Aunt Sarah and Uncle Josh coming up to hang with us for Christmas morning and although pictures apparently were not taken we went to Mima and Papa's house after Christmas morning and ended our day and Nana's house with Uncle Geoffrey and Uncle Christopher and Aunt Lindsey. We were able to make the rounds and see everyone it was really fun!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

a new place to call home

Well we are in, so to speak, we are still unloading boxes and we don't even want to talk about the garage which is a two car garage that we can barely fit our one car in right now but we are getting there. Here are some pics of things that are coming together

my favorite thing about my new house is probably this room and my new washer and dryer!!
Of course this is just about the extent of our Christmas decorations but I love them so far
sorry this one is so dark but it is our living room which looks just about livable at this point

aaawww yes the kitchen, I love love love the cabinet space and counter space and how easy it is to clean....and my new table which I adore. and my refridgerator which is so awesome!!
The boys' room. thanks to some friends we have bunkbeds set up for them and they love them and you'll have to overlook that all the tape has not been removed since painting but it is looking like it will be a fun room.

so that is it for now I will have more pics soon hopefully as we maybe work on our bedroom, I love my bedroom we had shannon, the most wonderful trim/chair rail cutter help us out in there and it looks amazing...the walls do anyway the floor well....we have a couple of boxes that need unpacked in there and dressers would really help speed that along maybe this weekend we will work on that.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

coming along!!

The box pile is getting bigger we had to move our bed against the wall to make room. This doesn't count all the boxes I have hidden in closets and under sinks probably about another 10-12 of them are hidden around my house. It helps me not think about our impending move by not having the boxes all over my house visible in every room.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Victory is Mine!!!

I have finished with a little more than a week before December first, so to the nay sayers..."Victory is MINE!!!"

So a while back I started with this now I have finally accomplished it, my own version of course, yay!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We have a 4 year old!!!

For Kevin's 4th birthday we had a train party playdate. We invited some of his best little guy friends and played with trains and ate cupcakes. All the boys had a blast being boys and I got to see what it would be like with a house "FULL" of boys, super fun btw.
we set up several different types of train tracks and just let them go!!
this is geotown!!

some of Kevin's buddies follow...



and our own silly Birthday boy, Kevin

Tyler was there too but it was hard to get him away from the trains he only stayed for a second even a cupcake couldn't keep him away.

The big train in the room!!

Thomas is always a fav!!

Hard at play

Trying to convince Kevin there were 4 candles and not 3 proved to be harder than we thought luckily all his friends were on our side.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend update!!

So this weekend Kevin was part of his first Primary program it was so cute and he was so proud. On Saturday he had a final practice followed by a Pizza party, you know he loved that!!

(Kien, Kevin and Josie at their pizza party)

Then on Sunday we got all dressed up and went to church and got to enjoy all the little ones, (you know I teared up when Kevin spoke into the microphone on the pulpit about how his family remembers Jesus Christ, so sweet)

Finally we have been doing a little packing, amazing, I know it looks like a few boxes but really it has not made a dent in our house so hhmmm...
There are more boxes in that cabinet it is also filled to the top!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

We have greenery!!!

Well it is coming along, check these pics out of our home to be...

This is the back obviously and our fabulous two car garage and cute cobblestone driveway

since I was there last week they planted bushes and trees and wow they can do that fast!!

This is actually our unit, the top window is the boys' room

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This year for Halloween we went to our trunk or treat the night before at church (for those of you who don't know what that is we go trick or treating from car to car in the parking lot and everyone decorates their trunks really fun and spooky!) Then we went trick or treating on Halloween night in Toluca Lake with some good friends. The kids had a blast hanging out with friends and collecting their goods!!

What a gang!!
The boys' friends Tyler and Oliver

Adam's first house!! (and the scary moving bowl)

Best buddies!! (Kien and Kevin)
Adam so enjoyed helping handing out candy at the Cooke's house after we were done trick or treating, when we were leaving more people were coming up the drive and he kept yelling, "stop, more customers".....LOL That is what him and Kien had been calling the trick or treaters.
eyeball cupcakes made Kevin's night!!
Yeah, they are pretty cute!!