Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Colony Park, the Park!!!

Today we went to the grand opening ceremony for the brand new park in our neighborhood. When we moved into Colony Park we were promised a playground and they delivered a very fun playground. I actually spoke to our Mayor, he thought the boys in the water were pretty cute. He asked if they were mine and of course, yes they were and talked about upcoming cool stuff coming in Anaheim. He seemed like a nice guy, but we just voted in a new mayor last week so oh well. Oh yeah his name is, Curt Pringle. Oh and while I'm dropping names I know two boys that at least made the online version of the OC Register Check them out HERE they are in the "more photos" area of the article. They are the cutest boys at the park, of course I am a little biased Orange trees, lots of them!!!

gelato for attending :D

a creek runs through it!!!

we played for hours and left when we were too cold and wet!!!

sword fighting 101

Isaac has learned a new game. He is just about ready to join the big leagues!!!

Bonfire Fun!!

We had a bonfire at the beach last weekend and had lots of fun. We loved hanging out with our friends and the boys had a blast getting as sandy as they possibly could and eating endless hot dogs and marshmallows

we thought this ominous cloud was going to rain on us but it didn't and the sun came out and it was wonderful. Another thing about this picture is if you blow it up really big and look in the bottom right hand corner you can see my cell phone half buried by sand and the reason I no longer have one :( But luckily it was a super fun night!!!

We had lots of fun with Jake, Debbie and Brian and not pictured was Royce who had to leave early...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Weekend Extravaganza!!

So this year we decided to make it a weekend and we had Halloween festivities for 3 day!!
Friday morning Kevin had his preschool Halloween party. He got to dress up and Adam dressed up for the occasion of dropping him off. They were pretty cute!!

Friday Night we drove up to Studio City and attended the Studio City Ward Trunk or Treat. It was super fun and the kiddos got tons of candy and we got to catch up with lots of old friends. Bryan and I even dressed up!!

Saturday Morning we headed out again and went up to Agua Dulce to visit our good friends the Cookes. The kids loved hanging out with their best buddies for an entire day of no napping and too much fun. The activities included...getting as dirty as possible in a big mud puddle found on our long walk through vineyards and dirt roads, Haunted Mansion decorating, Caramel Apple eating (I made them for the first time ever and they were soooooo yummy and easy), slimey egg playing, and Movie watching in our costumes which then turned into running through the house in our costumes, then stripping because we got hot in our costumes then jammies. Finally it was time for sad goodbyes and sleeping in the car on the way home....

Sunday afternoon we got our costumes on and headed out to trick or treat at the homes of those who love us the most
First stop Mima and Papa's home!!!

Followed by Nana's home!

Then Great Grandma Elaine...
and finally Grandma and Grandpa's home. Where we had some chili , cornbread and sausage, yum!!