Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Budget???

So for the last few months we have begun envelope budgeting, I know the oldest trick in the book. Along with this we have implemented meal planning, (by we, I of course mean me). With these two things we have nearly cut our grocery/target/costco/entertainment costs in half and without giving up a whole lot. I notice how I used to buy things at the grocery store b/c they were on a great sale not because I needed them. Now I am able to buy just what I need, I actually know what I need and it feels great. So here is to envelope budgeting. We did a very simple version. The monthly bills don't get enveloped because I can't save on them they are coming whether I like it or not. but we have 5 envelopes. 1.Grocery 2.Costco 3.Target 4.Entertainment 5.Hobby. I am so glad that we have found something that works in our family to keep costs minimal and keep me in line (I do like to overspend at Target, and this has helped the most probably at Target...and a little at Costco too) Another benefit I have seen is that I am getting more creative for dinner, because I have to plan 2 weeks of meals at a time, so when you see it on paper spaghetti 3 times a week doesn't seem reasonable. :D...

So long story made short... We are so going to buy something someday :) in the housing market and if envelope budgeting and meal planning get me there sign me up. Does anyone else have any fabulous budgeting ideas. Or fabulous...easy meal ideas???

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday

...a day early, I know I'll be too busy tomorrow. Today's random fact is about Kevin, he he

Kevin was actually named after a character in a book that I was reading when I met Bryan. The guy was the romantic lead and they met online. So there you have it. I loved that character and I liked the name and it was a good one and neither Bryan nor I had any issues with it. That is sort of how names come about in our family. We feel very fortunate that we don't have the arguments and debates that we hear about in other families when it comes to naming our children, We are both extremely easy going about it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday

A little about Tanya...

When I was between the ages of 5-11 I hated babysitters, not disliked, hated. I was a horror. I sent most of them home crying and often they would call my mom part way through the babysitting job, crying, of course. I did horrible things like poured dinner onto the floor because it was not cooked how I liked it, crawl out the window when sent to my room, yell at them, lock them out of the house/apartment...etc. So my parents and I were so glad when at 11 years old I took over the babysitting responsibilities at our house and everything was a little more peaceful. I pray all the time that I will not be punished for my behavior by having one like myself.

Does anyone else see how much Kevin looks like his Aunt Sarah in that pic? (of course the boy version)

Car Painting

Today we were forced to stay home because of apartment stuff. But we filled the time. We blew bubbles and got soaking wet on the patio and then we came in for some painting. The boys had a blast making tracks. I totally got this idea off of some other mom blog but it looked like lots of fun, and they both loved it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

So Proud

I have to admit I am so proud of myself for completing this dress, and making it look like a dress that could actually be worn by a child :) . It is for my little niece, Kyah who is almost 2 months old so she will definitely be growing into this a little later it is probably a 6 - 9 month size. But It turned out dang cute and I can hardly contain my excitement for making my second item of clothing. My first item of clothing was a pair of pants for Adam, then I made a pair of pajama pants for Kevin who said Adam needed some too. so that picture is below too. Yay for making things!!
Gotta love how they pulled their shirts up to show the pants off, they were the old curtains that used to be in their room for their closet. So they have been repurposed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday on Thursday

So you is not really Wednesday, any way the random fact for this week is about Bryan, Yay. I know we are all excited about this.

(Bryan is the totally cool one in the hat, my kind of guy)

Bryan graduated H.S. in 95 and started college. He started out majoring in...yup you guessed it film. Doesn't everyone around here? He then went on his Mission from 97-99' and when on his mission got a strong impression to change his major even though he had already put a couple years into the other one. So when I met him, right after his mission, he was changing his major to Architecture. This meant a change in School which meant a change in location, which is why we now reside here in Studio City with all our Studio City friends. Bryan is probably one of the few people that moved to Studio City because he decided not to be a film major. Bryan graduated in 2007, Arch programs are 5 years no matter what you did before, and now works for the city of Los Angeles as an Architect in their Harbor Department. So now you know something more about Bryan because we all know how he loves to talk about himself...NOT.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally, I am cool....ish

I got a new phone. It is not a go phone. it has bluetooth and takes pictures. I feel I have joined the modern era. It was cheap because samsung just released a new one that is just like it but with a touch screen, mine does not have a touch screen, but it has tons of features and If I am ever up for spending the money for one of those data plans I can and it will work fabulously on my phone. for now I am just excited that I can text more efficiently with my new qwerty pad.

The Blackjack II

I got the red one and Bryan got the black one.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Designer in the Making

The title is totally a joke, I am far from a designer but I did make an apron all by myself no pattern just a picture of a girl sitting in one online. I must admit, though, I love my new apron. It turned out darling, I am a sucker for big bows so I made sure mine had one. Here it is

and for those of you coming to the sewing enrichment I am doing, this is the apron we will be making, the other one is too hard to do in an hour and half. If you want the pattern for the mass binding tape apron, feel free to get it from me anytime.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday

Starting today I will be posting a random fact about myself, Bryan or our families (families, don't get worried nothing too personal) So you can get to know some interesting things you may not have known before. Today is the first of these so here goes.

Today's random fact is about me. Here it is... I grew up on a farm! seriously with cows, chickens, goats, horses (at some times), and even Turkeys. We lived on Five Acres in Northwest Washington. My mom had a garden that took up an entire acre and she grew everything. we had apple trees, cherry trees (black and red) pear trees and wild blackberries that grew like weeds on our property. We had a compost pile where all trash that was food like went and a fruit room where there were thousands of jars of canned foods that my mother canned. I ran around with my sisters outside almost every day. We lived in a 2 bedroom 1100 square foot house which was perfect for us, we really only ate and slept inside. These are some of my fondest childhood memories, canning mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, pickles, all kinds of fruit, jams, and applesauce with my mom for hours in the kitchen. I was a big helper (obviously this was before I became a teenager.) I have even held the bucket while gutting a chicken, I was probably 7ish. So there you have it, and you thought I was just a city girl. Truth be said, I would do it the same as my mother except I would need to travel often, visit the "big city" often. and stay cultured. I like country life I just don't like the small minded uncultured things that sometimes accompany it. I really don't like chain restaurants, is that so wrong?
here is me and my two sisters, Sarah in pink, Rachael in blue. This was on our property in winter, (looks cold). Behind us are blackberry bushes that were burnt to the ground at the end of each summer to keep them from taking over our property. Behind those bushes was the field where the cows and horses and goats were fenced with electric fences. I got shocked nearly every day of my life. It was fun. That pink and purple huffy bike was my pride and joy. I sold 500 candy bars and won it in one of those fund raisers that no one wins the grand prize in...but I DID IT!!

What is something little known about you?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Now I Know my ABC's

I have been thinking a lot about teaching Kevin, many of you know I do plan on home schooling my kids at least through 3-4th grade. and on top of that in case that was not controversial enough I am not going to start Kevin in preschool until he is 4. Then I plan on starting a coop with anyone who may be interested, I know most my girl pals now are all starting their little ones in preschool this year at 3 so probably they won't be interested in doing it with me, that is totally non important info. But I just came across a website that is great for right now for teaching the ABC's. (not just the song). Kevin knows the song but has no idea what they mean, until recently he has shown zero interest but now he sees letters and and recognizes that they are letters so it is time to start teaching them separately. the website is called Brightly beaming Resources and it is under the letter of the week category. She has put about 50 ideas on what to do with each letter, including, books to read, poetry, snacks, animals, flowers, and tons of other ideas. It is a great resource if you are looking for something to do with your little one to introduce them to their letters.