Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well because I am nesting and we do crazy things while nesting I have decided it would be in every one's best interest if I made twin quilts for the boys' new bunk beds, lol. I am so excited at how the first one is turning out and can't wait to get to work on the second. They are turning out so fun and Kevin is getting very impatient about getting it on his bed.

Here is Adam's quilt wow it looks like so much work in that form...

Here is Kevin's quilt top nearly completed. It is so fun and colorful, I love it, luckily so does Kevin.

Here is the pile of left over material from all that I bought for the quilts. I am so proud of how little I wasted, wow that was close...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kevin's Baby

So Kevin has slept with his train blanket and his "baby" since Adam was born. He was not attached to these items until Adam arrived but since then he hasn't missed a night with them. He takes them camping to Grandma and Grandpa's in Tennessee and pretty much anywhere he would sleep. But since we moved I guess he decided he didn't need them any more and he doesn't really care if he has the train the blanket and just doesn't want the baby. I suppose I am glad that it is one less thing I have to keep track of and worry about losing but sort of sad too because it means he is getting bigger and it was so cute you know. So now baby which is the name he has for his toy sits alone on the floor on another level of the house after the kids go to bed. I bet he is sad...I have watched Toy Story way way too many times. But maybe when Isaac comes he will want it back or maybe not. In other news Adam now has a "baby" and has taken to sleeping with it every night. even if it is not in bed with him he wants it to be in sight of his bed. So maybe it is the age combined with the knowledge that you are no longer the baby that makes my little boys feel the need to get one of their own. It is so sweet. I sure do love my boys.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This one is for Mom!!

Well, here I am in all my hugeness, I suppose I can only get bigger from here though, YIKES!!
I have been trying to think of the good things that come with being this pregnant instead of focusing on the 4 page list on why it is miserable, so here are some things I have come up with...

1. People no longer hesitate to ask when I am due, there is no awkward staring at me while they decide if I am pregnant or fat, they are fully aware now that I am pregnant.

2. I always get asked if I need help everywhere I go and I feel no guilt in taking the help. I no longer take my groceries out of my cart and into my car at the grocery store because I don't have to so ha....

3. If I am little moody, tired, grouchy, or miserable my husband lets me be, I mean really who wants to mess with a woman that hugely pregnant.

4. I am getting more and more hugs and kisses from my big boys, especially Adam, who I assume senses a change in his near future.

5. And last but not least I AM ALMOST DONE!! It is the home stretch now. During church last Sunday they had a brief segment on enduring to the end, all I could think of was enduring to the end of pregnancy (now you know a little about my state of mind) But I am almost there and soon I will have a sweet little gift from Heavenly Father to hold in my arms and love, teach and nurture to grow into the kind of man any mom would be proud to call her son. Soon I will have sleepless nights because of feedings and diaper changings instead of just plain uncomfortableness, which I would much rather prefer to be awake with a baby than awake by myself with HGTV and no other good reason to be awake.

so there you have it why it is awesome to be so incredibly pregnant!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Super Saturday!!

Well, This week has been super fun. I had a baby shower, which was so sweet of everyone to do for me and so fun to see everyone and hang out at my favorite place, Aroma Cafe, with my favorite people...

Then came Thursday which was when Adam and Kevin got sick with some sort of stomach bug that kept them up and throwing up all night, Thank goodness for Daddy coming to the rescue because I had been going on 2 and 1/2 hours sleep and couldn't have done another no sleeper. The illness continued through Friday night but when we woke Saturday all seemed well so we had a home day and got tons accomplished...

I made pillows to coordinate with my table and bring the room together :D

I finally finished the blanket for my one and only Niece who is turning 1 next week!!

I made pillows that will look super fun with the Chocolate Brown daybed cover I have coming in the Mail

Bryan and the boys were hard at work cleaning out the garage, only some people saw how bad it was but it is a vast improvement.
and finally I started cutting out fabric for twin sized quilts that I am making for Kevin and Adam's bunk beds, I adore this fabric.

So a very productive day and I feel like I am getting things done, now if I could just sleep at night...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Are you a Girl, Mom?????

Well here is a funny story...

I, as part of my more cost effectiveness, am growing my hair out and as part of that I can now put my hair back in a small pony tail and have been utilizing the bobby pins to pin it back. I have even gone so far as to get bangs so that this looks better when I do it. This being said I have told Adam in the past that pony tail holders and other hair do dads are for "girls" but I never wore them because I have had short hair for the last 2 and 1/2 years since he was born. Well this week I pulled those old things out and put my hair up....

Adam noticed right away and said, "Mom!!! Are you a girl?" My reply, "Yes" Adam, "Those are for girls, Mom are you a girl?" Me, "Yes" He was completely shocked...

The next day I put my hair up again and yes here came Adam and the same question"Are you a girl, Mom!!!" I answered yes again, of course which started a whole conversation in which Adam asked about all the other people he might know that are "girls" to starting with Aunt Sarah and so on. So now the secret is out I am not one of the boys. Kevin has tried to help him understand by telling him all of their friends that are girls, such as Abby, Josie, Tallulah, Audrey and so on it is so cute. On the flip side Kevin announced for the the first time that he didn't want girls to come on a specific outing we went on. So it begins I suppose. We are officially entering the phase of girls just not being as cool as boys ( I hope this lasts a good long while, lol)