Thursday, July 31, 2008


Everytime I go to Costco and, I do try to minimize it to no more than once and month and even at that I feel horrible, the bill is always absurd and for some reason I come home completely exhausted. My kids are actually pretty good in stores so I am not sure what exactly it is that kills my energy level. Is it the heavy lifting, the crowds, the waiting in an isle trying to get out while people plow past you. Maybe it is Kevin wanting every single thing they are demoing even if it is a vitamin... I am not sure what wears me out so much about Costco, but I do know that I arrive at normal energy level and get home on empty. I am seriously thinking the air may be thinner in there. I do shop there faster than other places in hopes of not spending too much and not having a child go into meltdown so maybe I burn a lot of energy that way. Just a thought....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bike Riding Continued

Our bikes and trailer and mess...

The boys love their Chariot...

A nice relaxing anniversary, or two crying children that want mommy.

getting some sun!!

My awesome new bike!!

Exciting news!! I got a bike too! It is so pretty, not pricey like Bryan's, but perfect for me. Our anniversary was this week and Bryan purchased a bike for me and we took the kids out bike riding from Huntington Beach to the Balboa Pier. We played at the beach, the playground, the green grass field, and went to dinner with Bryan's mom and sister at BJ's then headed back, in the dark, to Huntington Beach. We had a blast at the top are pics of us, our bikes, and our cool set up. The Trailer was a birthday present for Bryan from his dad it is so cool!!
This bike thing is our new attempt at getting into shape. With Bryan commuting so far to work we see so little of him that the gym went by the wayside and yet we still need the exercise, sadly. This way we can take the whole family, do fun things together and still get a little physical activity in for mom and dad. If anyone else is into bike riding let me know of some great places for us to check out in the area. We are looking for ideas.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Avoid at all Costs!!

Okay so as an apartment manager of 26 units I have 24 units of people that irritate, bug, or that I just don't want to see, deal with, or talk to. My job is not hard just frustrating and never ending. Two of my tenants are wonderful, They are married and are like grandparents to my little ones, but the rest...!

That being said, I am going to start downloading my latest annoyances so that I can get it out of my system. so here goes

I have a particular tenant, she is new, joined us in April. But she has not let one day go by that she has not called, stopped by, or stopped me when I was coming or going to let me know of something she wanted checked out, fixed, or whatever. I have found that I have begun to avoid her at all costs. "Yes we are home but we will stay in our car until she leaves the garage" She is a nice lady and has two children right around Kevin's age and if it were not that I was the manager we would probably hang out but I can't bring myself to do it she my mom would say...the tar out of me. They are never big things, just little things like, "I was dusting and knocked the valence off my blinds, can someone come put it back up?" I told her I could go up and do it when the kids went down for their naps, she just looked at me and then responded with "well I don't want to be any trouble" YOU ARE TROUBLE! I thought to myself. Why can't she get her husband to do it when he gets home. Then there was the washing machine problem... "The washing machine went straight to the spin cycle, it is broken" It is not broken I am thinking to myself it didn't finish its cycle, so I told her this, she had no comment. This lead me to believe it was probably her who took her clothes out early and put new ones in. Well that is my rant on that tenant for this week. There are about a hundred other instances of problems she has informed me of, I will quickly list a couple more... There is a crack on my balcony, the pool needs resurfaced, there are bugs by my outside light at night. I need my shower doors removed for the kids, there is a piece of metal on the gate that might get caught on something, it is hard to open the gate, is it my key? and the list goes on and on...

I find that I laugh at my tenants a lot, that is how I cope. Maybe you can get a chuckle too!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Big Scare

Today was an errand day, we went to the office to make a deposit and we had to go to the grocery store... All was going well at the grocery store we were done actually paying. But lets move back about 5 minutes when we were waiting in line to pay. Adam had started fussing crying and trying to get himself out of the cart so I unbuckled him to hold him so that he would calm down. I held him right up until it was time for me to actually pay then I set him back down in the cart and swiped my card with in that few seconds, I don't know how, he fell out of the cart. He some how fell betweeen the counter and the cart and landed directly on his bumm. He cried for all of 30 seconds, I on the other hand was a shaking mess. Upon the initial search for scrapes, bruises, bumps and such I found nothing and when we got home I did a more thorough search and still nothing. He is fine, I, on the other hand, was a complete shaking, upset stomache mess for at least an hour after the incident. Note to self: even if it is for 2 seconds buckle them back in when in the cart. Kevin would sit for hours in the cart unbuckled Adam...Not so much. He is my mover and wiggler, and escaper. So a hard lesson learned luckily no one was hurt but oh my goodness it scared me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Riding Bikes

So for Bryan's recent birthday he got a bike, I know totally funny gift for a 31 year old but he had been wanting one and we both like riding bikes although we have never owned a bike while together. So as part of the gift his mom got a child seat so Kevin could go with him and Adam in 2 more months. Anyhow we tried it out today and it was so cute and Kevin had such a blast riding with his daddy. He got to sit right up front and see everything he thought he was pretty special. It was the cutest thing the two of them riding on the bike with their helmets and such. Any how I have a couple pictures of them. The seat is called the weeride seat, I think. Bryan said it was relatively comfortable and that it did not make riding the bike any harder he couldn't even tell a difference really except that he had to pedal a little differently than he might usually pedal but not enough to make it weird or uncomfortable.

Kevin likes to wear his helmet strap on his chin because a motorcycle helmet goes across the chin as well as the head and he wants his helmet to be like a motorcycle helmet. Who am I to say he can't wear it that way right?


Well I always knew that I loved Summer but really this year has been fabulous. I feel I have been able to enjoy the things I love most, my kids, my husband at times, the beach, swimming or rather lounging in pools, and being with friends. I have gotten to spend time with old friends, meet new friends and continue friendships I have had for years. I have to say that without my friends I don't know how I would survive this wonderful experiment called parenthood. It is wonderful to bounce ideas off of one another, to co-miserate, and to just laugh at the hilarity of everyday life. I feel that I have the best friends now that I have ever had, I was not a big BFF girl in high school (my friends were all guys). So to those of you out there that help me get through everyday, Thank you and keep up the awesomeness that surrounds you. here is a funny pic of Kevin because life is more fun with laughter...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So we are in...

Well as firmly as I have positioned myself against blogging, I have found it is great way to keep family updated on our happenings and anyone else close to us that cares to know what we are doing as well. I have to admit I am terrible at reading my friends blogs I pretty much don't I can honestly say I visited them once when I received the link then never again ventured there again. But it is not for lack of loving my friends but for lack of time. I find that the time I do have, naps and after bedtime at night, has tons of things that HAVE to be done leaving minimal time for things that would be fun or cool to do. Also I took forever to jump on the bandwagon because I knew and still know I will be horrible at updating this thing with new posts. That being said here I am and I will try my best to have new things on least once every two weeks and who knows maybe I will love blogging and will be way better than I currently anticipate.