Friday, June 29, 2012

Father's Day

This Father's Day weekend we headed up to Oxnard to visit our family and celebrate Father's Day, Uncle Rick's Birthday, and the adoption of Travis by his dad, Justin. It was very exciting and it was the first time we had gotten all the boys on the Low side together in one place!! Here are some pics of the fun we had!!

Some of the Awesome Fathers in our lives

Travis and Owen

Matthew and Owen

7 boys on a couch!!...

6 boys getting wet

one boy getting rest!

one boy getting extra love and attention from Mima and Poppa!!

the Man of our house

fighting over the fork for the ice cream cake...I think Isaac might have won that one :D

Friday, June 15, 2012

Owen's Blessing

We were so excited for Owen's blessing.  It happened on May 6, 2012.  We had friends and family coming to see the blessing and participate in it.  Attending the blessing was, My parents, Nana, The Cooke Family and the Grays!  Afterwards the Cookes and Grays came over for dinner and an afternoon of play for the kiddos, and who are we kidding the adults we were with some of our very favorite people!! 

The story of the day:  well it is true while in the circle during the blessing the guys almost dropped Owen.  He wiggled, like he always does and literally had to be caught by daddy with the help of other hands as well.  He was not dropped and didn't even cry which was a strange miracle, but Bryan was pretty shaken up and our advise to all those out there don't forget to put two hands under the baby.  This was Bryan's fourth time doing this but, as he said he just couldn't decide this time on one or two hands and there were so many hands helping it seemed fine but really...two hands are better than one : D

For those who do not know:   A baby blessing at our church is an ordinance in which the baby is given a name and blessing.  The ordinance is performed by men with the melchizadek priesthood.  The blessing is given as directed by the spirit.  Anyone is welcome to attend and it is truly a beautiful thing to see a Father blessing his children with those things that his Heavenly Father wants for them.

Here are some pics from the day!!

The star of the show!!

 boys, boys, boys!!

 Look at these good looking kiddos!!

Great Family shot!

Isaac didn't want to smile so Shel set to work on getting a smile out of the little guy...She got some great shots of Isaac being Isaac!!

This is Ned he is our robot friend.  Emily made him and he is just about the cutest thing ever

Here is a moment in time captured by Joel.  I seriously love these girls.  I am blessed with amazing friends and I love this picture because it really is just us having fun... We didn't know it was taken until Joel asked if he could put it on FB, lol...
It was a wonderful day.  I wish all Sundays were baby blessing days

Feeding Owen

These picture were taken a couple of weeks ago.  But I would say there will be a lot more feeding Owen pictures to come...I am going to tell the story of last week.  This is not for the faint of heart. 

Last Monday I decided to take Owen to the doctor because his eye looked red around the outside and he had some eye boogers going on.  I took him in and turns out he had a clogged tear duct.  This was easily cured with some massaging of the eye area and some antibiotics.  By Monday night I was not feeling so hot.  I figured I was just tired.  I told my mom at dinner that I was feeling sick tired, a term we use often in our family when we are just plain exhausted and sleep is the only thing that will cure it.  So I went home and I went to bed.  The next morning I woke up with a fever and chills and severe breast pain.  I either had mastitis or the flu was attacking my boob which seemed less likely.  So I get my mom to watch the kiddos for a second day in a row and I take myself this time to the doctor and sure enough it was mastitis and I got myself some antibiotics.  Tuesday night we are sitting around the dinner table and I notice that Adam's eye is looking pink.  He says he bumped it on his bed, but that is not what it looked like to me, it looked like PINK EYE!  anyway we put the kids to bed and 2 hours later Kevin comes down complaining his ear is hurting.  I am sick and tired so I head to bed and Bryan stays up countless hours distracting Kevin until he finally falls asleep around midnight.  Next morning Bryan decided to stay home because I am sick and it looks like Adam and Kevin need to go to the doctor for their ailments so Bryan takes them to the doctor and sure enough we have one ear infection and one case of pink eye...This on it's own would make for a kind of funny story to laugh about LATER.  Now we had 4 out of 6 family members on antibiotics.  Thursday I called and cancelled Owen's 2 month appointment because I didn't want to go the doctor any more that week.  By Thursday night I realized I was not getting better.  The antibiotics should have been working by now for my mastitis but it was only getting worse.  Friday morning I called to leave a message for my doctor who said just come in.  So Friday it was back to the doctor for me again, luckily Bryan was home on his RDO so I just went on my own, thank goodness.  I made sure my dad was on tap to pick up Kevin from school in case my appointment took way too long because we had sold the Durango the day before so we only have one car and one motorcycle.  Well when I got to the doctor it was a whirlwind of crazy and within minutes they had a doctor, nurse, and a breast surgeon all checking me out.  I was then rushed over to the hospital as they decided that either needed surgery to remove the infection or IV antibiotics for a few days.  Thankfully, it turned out I just needed IV antibiotics so I was in the Hospital until Sunday.  While in the hospital my doctor and the breast surgeon agreed no more breastfeeding for this Mama.  So starting Saturday night I began the process of drying up my milk.  I figured it was best to do it while on the antibiotics so that hopefully I wouldn't have any more problems along those lines caused from quitting cold turkey.  So now one week later from my being admitted into the hospital, I am doing pretty well.  Everyone is through their antibiotics except for me and I am almost breast milk free...I think.  Owen does not mind the formula at all.  The boys love that they get to help feed him more often.  And honestly I love that pretty soon I will not have breast pain for the first time in months.  So there it is, probably the craziest week I have ever had. I am so glad it was last week and now it is over.

Here is Adam feeding Owen this week

 And really does this look like the face of a baby boy that is suffering, nope.  He is thriving and we are so excited to have everyone well in the house again!!

Little Boys and Big Wheels

This month among other things I have been working on teaching Isaac to ride his bike...and by Golly he's got it!! He is an amazing little bike rider.  He even rides Adam's bike which if it werent' for that pesky break he would have no problem with.

he has now started working on his scootering skills.  They are pretty good too pretty soon he will be cruising with the boys!!

These crazy boys are dangerous on their Razors.  They are definitely skilled scooterers...(yes, I'm making up words here)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things to Remember and Random Cuteness

Cute pic of Kev!!

 Kevin learned how to tie his own tie and did a pretty good job!

Isaac loves wearing sun glasses, he wont be caught in the sun without them
and check out this rad outfit.  His favorite pajama pants with his favorite super soft jacket!

Isaac is just about the sweetest thing on the planet.  Every morning when he wakes up he comes down and says hi to each person individually...Like...Hi, Kev...Hi, Adam...Hi, Mom.... he then he says, "I had a good sleep in my car bed"

Every time Owen cries Isaac brings me diapers and wipes :D

Isaac has his own name for Owen, he calls him....Baby Oyen....we love it, so we call him that sometimes too

Handheld video game devices for all!!! I don't know why but this cracked me up!

 super heros on a mission!! Ready to fight neighborhood crime anytime of day, during the day...

 poor little Adam got sick a few weeks ago and he asked for Mary.  Mary is his bear who used to be a boy named baby but about a year he changed his name to Mary and he became a she....this was about the time I got pregnant...but Mary is always with Adam at bedtime or sick times

Adam told me the other day when I put him down for a nap and told him to get some rest because we had a busy afternoon ahead of us....."Mom, I don't take naps anymore, but you know that"  It's true for the MOST part he doesn't but he plays in his room for an hour and half and heck I'll take what I can get :D

First week home!!

I find that all pictures that revolve around the first week a baby is home from the hospital show everyone looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.  It is as if no one brushes their hair or gets out of their jammies for the first couple weeks, although, I distinctly remember getting at least my kids dressed...hhhhhmmmm so here are some fun pics of when we brought our newest member of the all boys club home!!

Kevin reading Adam and Owen a book

first little sleep smile caught on camera, ignore the mess in the background

 Our Sister Missionaries are awesome.  This is Sister Felila and Sister Brickenstien, Sister Kioa had left the day before :( but we love these girls...

side story:  Sister Felila grew me up one day without even knowing it.  She said the sweetest thing, "Sister Low when I grow up, I want to be like you" up until that point I'm not sure that I thought of myself as that much older than the Sisters, lol....I guess I am...

 this sweet swaddler was made by our friend Emily Gray...he just looks a little like an angel, I think...
 Isaac loves holding his baby brother...
 these are our Baba twins!!
 He didn't want to give him up.  He held him for about 20 minutes while he watched a show, it was really cute and really funny.

 Owen gets lots of attention! (like from all sides)
 here is daddy's favorite passtime!!
 I just know he is going to grow so fast and I won't know what to do to slow it down.  Luckily I will have pictures to look back and try to remember how he was once a baby and Isaac was once just two and Adam 4 and Kevin 6.............