Friday, January 31, 2014

Lake Tahoe 2013

This year we went up to Lake Tahoe in November.  We were really hoping for snow!!  It has become a bit of a tradition to stop in Lone Pine and play at the playground and get ice cream from the Carl's Jr. next door.  This time was not an exception.  The boys had fun stretching their legs and we finally met up with Grandma and Grandpa who we caught up with even though we left an hour later. 

Another stop on our way up was for dinner in Carson Valley at a Jack In The Box...reminded us why we never eat there...But again the boys had fun getting out and were pretty sure it was past midnight because it was dark...(it was around 7p.m...)  At least this is what Adam told us...he was shocked so many people were still out at such an hour LOL!

Next Day I headed out with Grandma and Grandpa and Isaac for a little time out on the town.  Isaac had fun trying out the snow vehicles...

Later we embarked on our first snow ball fight in Tahoe!!  There was actually very little snow but in the shady places some still remained.

Then we took a walk down to the beach of the lake. We were staying at Diamond Resort right on the Lake in South Lake Tahoe.  It would be super fun in the summer here.  But the boys found more snow and big rocks so it was still really fun!
Here is a pic that shows the resort and that it was under major construction...This caused some issues but luckily nothing that hindered our fun...(except their amenities were all closed)

I like Isaac's pose above...

In the mornings we had abbreviated school.

and nearly everyday after school we would head downtown to the Starbucks and literally hang out!  In the warm...with hot chocolate and treats...

We decided to go for the drive.  There was a lot of talk about it being spawning season so we thought definitely we needed to check that out!

We lost one of Owen's pacifiers in the was left

We continued driving up to Emerald Bay...One of my favorite places.

The boys vividly remembered hiking down to Vikingsholme Castle which they could see from the look out.  It was fun having them tell us all the stuff they knew about the area from last year.

Daddy took the boys on a hike along the Truckee River.  They found rocks to throw and a little more snow for another snow ball fight!

which way is downriver?  Follow
 the Pinecones...!

They also threw snow balls in the river and watched them melt!


We had dinner at the Bridgetender Tavern Grill...They have really good food.  We have eaten here before so we knew it was a good option!

Even though the amenities were closed at Diamond we got VIP treatment up at the Ridge Tahoe where my parents own a timeshare.  We got to use all their stuff.  The boys got to swim...Mama got to hot tub and we introduced the boys to steam rooms!  Kevin is a big fan especially since everyone was fighting colds while we were there.  It was awesome with the eucalyptus in there.

Since it was so close to Kevin's Birthday and Grandma and Grandpa were there on an extended Vacation (staying for a while after we left) we decided to have a party at Kevin's favorite place...The Buffet!

He scored a bow and arrow set!

...a very cool hat

...and a back scratcher!!

Isaac's face when I said, "smile"

that's better

Another favorite place of mine in Tahoe is Fallen Leaf Lake.  While Owen was napping with Grandma and Grandpa we took the big boys hiking at Fallen Leaf...

On the last night Owen went for a walk with Daddy!

Lots of love on the morning we had to go home...

Then we headed home the same way we had come.  (except we stopped in Bodie...I'll save that for the next post)