Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Long awaited Kauai!!

We stayed on the East side of the Island for the first night and the water was pretty rough there, but not in this area :D

Waimea Canyon
roosters everywhere. The whole island is covered with them, apparently in the 90's the big hurricane that hit spread these guys from coast to coast (on the island) and now they are free roaming and there are TONS of them EVERYWHERE!!

Bryan looking at a cool valley below with a single house and farm in it :D

this was the pathway to anini beach it was soooo steep but the beach was fun and we later found out there is a parking lot down there and you can just drive, I suggest you do that when you go :D
in case you were wondering where the boys got their brilliantly blue eyes...(see below)
anini beach....there is a reef out there and it makes the ocean look like a lake very serene and quiet...almost too quiet and serene :D
The light house!!

on the catamaran on our tour of the na'pali coast
secret falls!! we hiked and kayaked in and it was worth the wear out :D
a storm a brewin'
Smith Family Luau!!
can you see the giant waterfall that was what we saw out front of our condo :D
farmer's market!!
Hanalei, oh I wish I could have flown the kids out and just stayed here forever :D
more secret falls!!