Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kevin turns 8

I cannot believe I have an 8 year old, but alas it is true.  We had several celebrations for Kevin this year.  First one was in Tahoe with Grandma and Grandpa. Then we got together with Mima and Poppa, which was a super hit especially since he got $$ to spend at Disneyland and there was ice cream cake which is always a winner with Kevin!  Look how old he is looking....yikes!

 Kevin opted for a trip to Disneyland instead of a party with his friends.  He was lucky we have such awesome friends and were able to get signed in to D-land for the day!  He even got to bring a friend and he and Viktor had lots of fun!  He was given a pin that said his name and that it was his birthday so all day everyone at Disneyland wished him happy birthday by name.  He was king for a day!!

 waiting in line to see Thor, this was probably the longest line we waited in all day...about 20 minutes...
 It was worth it though because I got to snap this picture...the most terrible picture of all time.  everyone looks sooo happy don't they?  They actually really were but were into the hammer not the picture...

 While some rode Space Mountain others got to play with the giant rolling ball!

We brought our own dinner, of course...PB&J between parks!

 Someone really liked the Mater Ride in California Adventure!

We bought ourselves some more time by buying some glowing toys for the little guys!

And what can I say I love this picture!  Hilarious...they saved splash mountain for last and Kevin said it was his favorite ride...Adam was not as sure, he liked Indiana Jones the best.

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