Sunday, August 21, 2016

We are back...

Sometimes when life gets crazy it is just that, crazy,  and there is no way around it and you just have to make it through.  This was the past 10 months of my life.  We got pregnant it was an emotionally and physically strenuous pregnancy for me.  We made it through and have a beautiful baby to show for it.  He is healthy which was everything we had prayed for and he is a miracle which is what we needed.  I made it through the year with the Bigs in their 5 day a week public charter school and I homeschooled the kindergartner and tot-schooled the 3 year old.  I also took on a job as a nanny for 5 months to a newborn baby girl (that was a little crazy, but I loved it ).  But here we are on the other side with a brand new baby and the Bigs are back in school and the littles are waiting for mom to recover.  I get another week.  We decided to try a homeschooling charter this year with our now 1st grader and he will be attending classes twice a week all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I will only be teaching Math and ELA while the other subjects will be covered at school aside from projects he will be doing at home for the classes.  My preschooler will also be at preschool twice a week for his obligatory 1 year away from the mama to learn how to be friendly, sit quietly, stand in a line and listen to someone else.  He will then be homeschooled for Kindergarten next year. I have decided to keep up with my blogs this year because I fear I will not remember this year if I fail to document it while it is happening.  I am embarking on life with 5 boys, 3 will be playing sports this year and four will be in "school".  I am excited and worried, maybe terrified a little but, I'm up for the challenge! So, if you follow my blog let me know and hold me accountable to update it!  I'll need all the cheering on I can get! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

🎶Oh Christmas Tree🎶

This year we got to set up two trees. First we set up Grandpa and Grandma's tree and then we all got together and set up our tree!

Oh I love Christmas! It is so magical and being near my lit up tree in the dark has its own kind of magic!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanksgiving In Overgaard, AZ (part 3)

So we had big plans to go out to eat for Thanksgiving. That meant no big cooking for Mom and just a simple fun family Thanksgiving. Too bad the only place serving Thanksgiving dinner was the senior center within a 100 mile radius! Anyway we had to rethink our plan. I decided I would cook after all and ended up making a pork roast in my crockpot. I also picked up stuff to make a couple desserts and we had mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy. Deviled eggs, and olives.

I had met another family (the parents) at the fitness center (I went a few of the mornings) and we had hit it off. We decided to do Thanksgiving desserts together at the club house!

The kids had blast! Their little gir,l Elise, and Isaac hit it off great and were fast friends. Adam and Isaiah were peas in a pod and their oldest son Carl was Owen's best buddy!

As for the parents, we were fast friends too...we love the Baca Family and hope that we will meet again soon.

Meanwhile when we were not field tripping we hung out at the condo. We watched movies from the redbox that was at the circle K. We sat in front of the fireplace and played lots of card games because it was dang cold outside.

We made tin can robots...

And played by the onsite pond!

We met some locals...

We did lots of time in the hot tub!

We even got to see our pond freeze over and skip rocks across a now frozen pond!

We did some Black Friday shopping at the only getting place in town.

And played with our new found friends.

Isaac even got talked into going to a craft at one of the boutiques. Elise was going so he wanted to go too!

This was such a fun trip. We will definitely be visiting Overgaard again. It was a fun adventure!

Thanksgiving In Overgaard, AZ (part2)

Another field trip we took, another 2 hour drive one way, was to the Meteor Crater. It is located just outside of Winslow, AZ. Of course we had to stop to take a minute to stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona!

The crater was the boys' favorite activity! Who knew a giant whole in the earth caused by a giant alien rock could be so cool! The crater is 1 mile across and was caused by a meteor 150 feet in diameter. This is the best preserved meteor crater in the world. That's easy to see because it still looks like it just exploded out a few decades ago.

We took the tour on some of the perimeter of the crater which was fun and then got to spend some time in the museum that is on site.

There were lots of astronaut stuff there since this site was used to study how the moon might be when they went up there the first time.

We also drove past this cool hotel that a certain hotel in Cars, the movie, was based off of. It is located off Route 66 in Holbrook, AZ.

Stay tuned for part 3