Sunday, April 28, 2013

When it Rains it Pours (Vomit)

 So March wasn't too awesome in the health Category!  It started in Vegas (that post is coming) when Isaac started Puking our last day there and caused us to extend our stay for a day until he could hold something down.  While we were there Owen got sick and had to have breathing treatments by the time we got back because his cough was so bad and he was wheezing...:( 

Here is a pic of him getting his first breathing treatment at the doctor's office.

Isaac was not well and would fall asleep on the floor mid morning...this only happens when I have ill children.
and then Kevin and Adam got sick.  Of course Kevin, like his father, was only sick 1 day and threw up only once.  Adam, like his mother, starting throwing up and just would not stop.  He threw up the better part of 3 days before I decided he was probably dehydrated (since he wasn't holding anything down).  I was right and they decided it would be best to give him an IV to get him better fast.  So he was really brave and barely cried at all while they were putting in the IV and said the sweetest thing ever about his cousin who was in the NICU at the time and had been there 8 days.  He had seen pics of her there.  He said, "I am pretty brave, Mom, but not as brave as Maddie, she is much braver than me."  It was so sweet.  He then said to take a picture of him so he could show Kevin how brave he is the picture of my brave little Adam.

Then the sweetest thing ever for him...The primary from church sent home this card with Kevin for him.  He was grinning from ear to ear everytime he saw it.  He absolutely loved it and it was so sweet of his teacher, Carrie Serreno, to think of him. All the kids signed it and left him a little note.  (of course I cried, I'm tearing up right now)

Of course at the end Bryan and I both got sick but there is no time for sick parents so we had a weekend to get over ourselves and get on with it.  Luckily April has been illness free!!

V-Day Boy Style!!

This year the boys entered a competition for the coolest Valentine's Box!!  Here is what they came up with!!
 Kevin actually pulled first place in the K-2  category for his polka dotted fluffy valentine eating monster!!  He was very proud and even won a prize of a fancy bag of Chocolate Covered Pretzels!!   Adam got honorable mention with the red monster on the end and Isaac's was in the middle.  He wasn't in the contest since he was only 3 and it was with the school...(but he wanted one and was not going to be left out)

For Valentines this year we went with these super rad valentines which ended up being pretty labor intensive but turned out super cute so it was worth it!!

Gotta love Love Day!!  We ended up going out to McDonald's for ice cream and meeting  a new friend and playing for hours with him in the play area there and getting his number for future play dates and that made for an Awesome V-Day Activity!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Isaac is THREE!


Isaac wanted a pirate party this year and I was more than excited to oblige.  I had so much fun putting this party together on a tight budget.

We had a walk the plank activity!  I picked the plank up from a local lumbar yard.  They gave me it out of their scraps for free...yay!  I then covered the writing that was on it with some scrapbook paper that I mod podged to the top of it.

 I enlisted the help of the hubby on making swords for everyone and I made eye patches with elastic and duct tape and spy glasses with leftover Christmas wrapping paper tubes wrapped in paper and I used some of the duct tape on the bottom.  They turned out super fun!

I had a lot of fun with the food and the kiddos loved it!

My little pirate!

 If it was too easy to walk they plank then you you had to do it while sword fighting Bryan!

We dug for treasure (chocolate coins) in the balls!

Isaac is so much fun opening presents because he is SO excited about each one!

 Isaac and the girls!

 here is a cute pic of Isaac while he was waiting for his friends to arrive i just love it!

Even the mama got a little in the spirit of things!

Happy Birthday to my sweet (and a little crazy) Isaac!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

So crafty

The Crafts I did last Christmas!

Pillows out of easy so cool.

My big craft!

Like magic!

And the final project!

Felt ornaments

Capes for Kyah, Caleb and Isaac!

This was before Christmas but I can't remember if I have posted about my chalkboard cabinet yet.

My favorite project was our height ruler!!

Or maybe it was this felt tree for Isaac to decorate, undecorate and decorate again!

I made Apple Butter! Yes, you read that right and I canned it!!!

A new pillow for Isaac!!

I also made a couple platters but I have to find the pictures of that.