Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Movies!!

Today the boys had their first Movie Theater experience they went to The Block at Orange and watched How to Train your Dragon in 3D in an Imax theater, quite an experience. Bryan took them (I had to stay home with our littlest guy) and he said they were the best movie goers ever. It was made even more fun by the fact that their best buddies Kien and Caleb were there with them. afterwards they all came back to our house for lunch and more super fun boy fun, this included running up down stairs yelling, playing and just being boys for hours. Then it was time to clean up and if they cleaned up they got a Popsicle, you know they didn't turn that down...

In case you are wondering how Isaac is growing here he is, he is days away from being 2 months old, I know crazy how fast that flew by huh???

and here is a darling pic of Kien holding Isaac and to the left is Adam and to the right is Caleb, so cute. I love this pic, all these cute boys... too bad Kevin wasn't in it but we will get him next time :D

us adults had a fun day too. We got to hang out with our good friends Shel and Joel and have lots of fun planning days and days of outdoor fun for all our boys and us mom's too. And we are almost convinced to buy an RV we just need to gather the funds...maybe next year.....(sigh) <--(that is for you rach)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Wear-Out!!

This weekend we had so much fun!! Bryan had a 3 day weekend and we were able to pack fun in everyday. Here it is in review...

Sunday: We went to a baby shower up in Thousand Oaks area. Our Cousin Lori is having her second boy, his name will by Matthew Kyle (I love it) Here is a pic of her practicing with Isaac :D

Here is her older son, Travis getting ready for his own little brother's arrival at the end of this month!!
I am so glad I am no longer pregnant, lol, but Lori doesn't have long to go!!

Saturday: We went to a birthday party for Jasmin (a 1 year old) at Boomers!! The boys got to ride lots of rides, eat cake and pizza and hang out with other friends from their new church.
I rode the Farris Wheel, yes it was terrifying but the boys weren't scared...

riding the balloons with their friends Mia and Tyler

Here is a pic of Kevin and Tyler on the roller coaster (it was the longest roller coaster ever)

I got extremely dizzy and finished out with a headache, but Adam had a blast!!

oh yes the train is always a smile getter

Friday: We went to the Aquarium and had fun seeing all the different fish and such

yay for Sharks!!
we love pretending like we are going to touch the sharks...(we are really a little to afraid to do it)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Filling our Days

This week we have had lots of fun finding things to fill our days. We have painted, made play dough masterpieces, dressed up and we even had a car wash for our outdoor toys. We have played a little baseball in the front lawn area and rode our bikes for hours. (and pushed our trucks) We have ventured to new parks and stayed for a long long time (3 hours) we have driven up to the Valley (for mom's dr. appt.) and seen some old friends, yes this has been a fun week, and the weekend is looking like a blast too, Here are some highlights!!

We opened the garage door got a bucket with soap and water some sponges and went to work on cleaning the vehicles, too bad mine needed it the most but didn't get touched.

Isaac watched his brothers working away and enjoyed a little outside air!!

Adam's truck could actually use a real scrubbing!!!

Kevin was very intent on getting his clean then taking it for a spin to show it off!!!

Dressing up in every costume we had took lots of time and made for lots of fun, and lots of mess to clean up too!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

6 weeks!!

Well it is true. Isaac is now 6 weeks old and in classic Low boy style is putting on the chub (which we love) He looks more like himself and less like anyone else everyday. we got a smile out of him beginning last weekend which was super fun. He still doesn't smile on demand but he does smile on his own terms, lol (I can see how this one is going to be). We love having him around. We have had to be super careful this last week as the whole family has gotten sick (knock on wood) Isaac has not. Now I just have the remains of the illness ( a cold cough mess).

We are so excited for this warm weather. I have tried to be out in it as much as possible. I am such a summer bunny. I could live in summer too hot or not I don't care. I love beaches, swimming, getting a tan, taking the boys to play in water fountains (Irvine Spectrum, here we come) so I have lots to look forward to, all I have to do now is get decent enough for a bathing suit, yikes!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Loving my own Handy Manny

This weekend by Super Handy Hubby, which I had no idea was handy (it is amazing what owning a home can bring out in a guy). Did some electrical work in our brand new home. He put up lights in the boys' room and a fan in the living room. Everything works perfectly and we are brighter and cooler throughout. Yay for Bryan!!!

The light in Isaac's room!!

The Light in Kevin and Adam's room!!

The Fan in our living room, isn't it FANtastic!! (I couldn't help myself)

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Maiden Voyage

This week I left the house for the first time on my own with the three boys. Yes we got in the car drove 1 mile got out at the park played for an hour and half, got back in the car, drove 1 mile back home, and got out!! we made it through our adventure unscathed although mom was pretty tired after such an exhausting adventure. Who knew such a small feat for mankind could be such a huge feat for a new mom of three.

this is the G-I-A-N-T sandbox (aka volleyball court with no net) All of our new parks have wood chips instead of sand at the play areas it is a little sad for our sand toys.

playing on the basketball court with our ball. A little story...Kevin passed me the ball I dribbled it a couple of times with one hand because Isaac was attached to my front then shot it at the basket and MADE IT!! I decided not to try again and ruin my perfect record :D

we played at the water fountain and made footprints and hand prints in as many squares as we could. This was a 30 minute spur of the moment activity, I love those!!

Static Electricity always makes for fun!!

Random Cute Pics of the Boys!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things I don't want to forget

well here are a couple of the things I just don't want to forget about my boys and life as it is now.

Kevin has been saying he loves me for no reason, just cuz' he does...I love that

Adam wants to give Isaac hugs all day cute

at night before bed Kevin asks if he can have breakfast in the morning, lol...of course, why all the worry about your next meal, kiddo?

Kevin dislikes all meats right now UNLESS it is wrapped in a tortilla or a roll of some kind

Adam, on the other hand, will eat just about anything but really prefers to not have red sauce

Kevin likes Apples, but Adam likes Oranges

Kevin has a huge sweet tooth, Adam not so much

Kevin would love to live on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches alone

Isaac grunts really really loudly all night long, my goodness, how is a mom supposed to sleep through all that, how does he sleep through all that???

both Kevin and Adam at least once a day tell me they are too tired to go up the stairs and I have to tell them if mom can do it so can they.

Kevin has taken to saying he is too tired to eat dinner and seriously will go put his pajamas on and wait in his room until everyone else is ready for bed...that is a lot of trouble just to not eat some food...

Kevin was told we couldn't buy a convertible car because we spent all of our money on our new house, now he translates that into anything we won't buy...(no donuts because we spent all of our money on our house, etc...)

Adam can't decide if he wants to be a big boy or a little boy, no doubt whichever one I call him he informs me that he is the other

Kevin has taken on the big brother role, particularly the boss part, poor Adam...

Kevin asked why Isaac has such chubby cheeks, I found that particularly funny coming from Kevin (have you seen his baby pics?)

Adam can count to 12 but instead of saying 10 he says Kev. or sometimes Kevin, yup like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, kevin,11,12...and Kevin who corrects everything Adam says wrong doesn't correct him on this but laughs every time...

This truck is Adam's favorite, favorite toy of all time. it was the best 9 dollars I ever spent. he seriously walked it to the park a couple of weeks ago, at least a half a mile away while Kevin rode his bike, Adam is not so into bikes yet.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Because I can't help myself!!

Yes, I posted this pic on the side bar of my blog too but I think it needs some real attention. Look at all these handsome boys and for now they are all in my care. I feel so blessed.
I love how Kevin puts his arm around his buddies and those he loves in pics, that is something he has come up with all on his own, we love that little personality of his.
And I know you were wondering (lol, probably not) but, yes, I made the little boys' ties, aren't they fantastic, (thanks Michelle B. for the tutorial over the phone and the pattern)

visiting family

Yesterday after church we went to Papa and Mima's home and Isaac got to meet Aunt Barbara and Great Grandma for the first time. It was lots of fun and the weather was beautiful.