Monday, July 30, 2012

11 Years Into Eternity

It is true 11 years ago I married the man of my dreams.  It truly feels like, I don't know, 5 years??? but then I realize I have a kiddo turning 7 this year so that can't be right. Oh, and I look at pictures like this and realize how young I used to be... I am so blessed to have found a man that is an awesome husband and a stand out dad to his 4 boys that adore him!!  He works hard for our family and sets the standard for our boys.  Yes, I am a lucky woman!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Pooled Till' We Could Pool No More

This week we decided to make it a pool week.  So we invited friends and family to join us each day and we headed over with our picnic lunch. 
Monday:  We swam with Nana
Tuesday:  We swam with Grandma and Grandpa (and the Davis Girls and Pauu Girls) Adam decided he was good to swim without his vest and in the afternoon , after naps, he decided he was good to ride his bike without training wheels!! It was a big day for our little guy!!
Wednesday:  was supposed to be a break from the pool due to Kevin's art class but we swam in the evening because we needed to use the bbq at the pool since ours is out of gas and my oven is broken, but that is a whole other story....
Thursday:  We swam with Cherry and her kiddos, Monica, Joaquin, and Kaizen (and baby on the way) and her cousin Francis!  The boys had a blast with there friends from Illinois!!
Friday:  We were sick :( we had to cancel our Friday pool play date with the Tanielus and stay home and recover

Here is a picture of Kevin's artwork from his art class that he took this summer through the homeschooling program in Orange County, CHEP. He loved it and he is an AMAZING ARTIST!! at least we think so around here!!

 Owen has been spending the pool days either sleeping or even going in for a few minutes.  Since we have been going in the morning he usually gets his morning nap in under the umbrella!

Adam off his training wheels and out of his swim vest he is getting to be such a big boy!!

 Did I mention no one else is hardly ever at our pool with us, anyway... here is the cute friends, when Cherry and I first met we had 3 between the two of us, now we are almost at 8,  funny how time changes things,

and Friday we rested from our labors, lol...ok so the kids were sick they all had fevers, except for Owen who is just a little stuffy...but we took the day to catch up on all the tv we had missed all week while we played outside.  It was a fun filled week and the boys had a blast, even on their sick day where we watched some great documentaries on Caves, Beasts, and Pirates...(I love netflix)

I particularly like the banana peel on the floor, I feel like this pic is one of those pictures that you are asked what is out of place, lol....we also shampooed the couch (thank you Grandpa) and the floor on Friday (after the banana peel).

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun in the Sun

This week we have tried to spend as much time in the sun as possible (yes, we wore sunscreen)

On Monday we had Kevin's friend Ryan over and swam the morning away and had a picnic lunch!

On Tuesday we went to Ikea and bought more supplies for our school room!! Soon I will do a reveal post and will show before and after pics but we are not quite there yet.

Wednesday Kevin had his art class and learned how to weave blankets and me and the remaining boys hung out with my parents and had hot chocolate and doughnuts at starbucks (we brought Kevin one too)

Thursday we were back at the pool again with another one of Kevin's friends Alexis.  I brought my camera but forgot to take pictures of course but again the boys all had a blast with a playmate and of course it is always awesome at the pool!!

Here are the boys at the pool with Ryan!!

Here is Isaac in the pool on Thursday, did I mention no one but us uses our pool!!

Friday we went with the Davis Family to Sunset Beach.  I have never been here before and we were all for the free parking!! It was a super fun beach.  The boys loved finding all of the shells and digging for treasure (shells,sticks, and other assorted items) 
Kevin did some boogy boarding and body surfing, the boys did lots of football throwing and having the waves bring the ball back to them. 
Bryan even got to do some surfing, yay!!

Bryan gave Debbie her first surf lesson (she is a natural)

our friend Brian looking super cool!

We put Isaac and Owen down for naps around 1 and they slept for about an hour and half.  Such good little sleepers we have.
 in the water from left to right:  Bryan, Debbie, Ashley, and Brian

Emily and a friend of Brian's from school.  Emily has been our little babysitter this summer...she is amazing and super sweet too!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

3 Months!

Owen is 3 months old.
18lbs 6oz

so much to cuddle, kiss and love!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer So Far

Yay an everything post!! We have been having fun and filling our days this summer so far!! Thank goodness for all of the grandparents that are so much fun.  The boys are so excited anytime I mention we are doing anything with grandparents!!

First up is Isaac and his famous eating a doughnut picture from National Doughnut Day at Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!  We picked up Grandpa and headed over to get our free doughnuts and everyone got to pick their very favorite!!

Bryan WON an  iPad!  Yes they had a neighborhood raffle for everyone that turned in their ballot for the HOA candidates and Bryan totally pulled off a super win here!! Here is a picture of Adam showing Grandpa how to use it the first day we got it.  Adam is our Angry Birds pro and that is what he is showing Grandpa how to do in this picture.

We checked out a local park called Box Canyon Park it was had no shade...but it was new and clean and big!  Owen got to try out the swings for the first time and he giggled and laughed harder than he ever had before...I think he likes the swings!!

Grandpa came along to the park for support and to hang with the boys.  They climbed the big rock and thought they were pretty cool!!

Mima and Papa got a new slip and slide and we went over for the day and played and played until....

 we crashed on the chair and slept for an hour and half outside and then, he got up and played some more

This little guy got tired watching all of that playing

I printed my second blog book...yay

Owen took his first dip in the pool and liked it!

We had a bbq with Grandma and Grandpa at the pool, followed by a bonfire.

 Nana invited us to go swimming and playing at Lake Mission Viejo.  The boys had so much fun getting squirted by Nana!

 Playing in the sand and seeing all the ducks was way too much fun

This little guy ate and took a little nap under the umbrella

He also, like his momma, loves napping on our deck!!

I can't wait to see what else we can come up with to fill our days!!

July 4th 2012

4th of July was nothing but fun this year (well really every year) for the boys and mom and dad too.  We seriously went from one party to the next and got to have tons of fun at each!!

We started our day out at our 1st Annual Neighborhood 4th of July Bike Parade!!! We decorated up the bikes and the wagon and headed to Colony Park!!

Bryan and Owen led the Parade with a boom box in the back of the wagon to keep everyone in a patriotic state of mind...It was soooooo cute.  Everyone else followed behind...

Isaac rode his bike and did 4 laps around the park, we were amazed at how well he did considering he learned to ride that bike only a couple weeks before

Adam and Kevin thought they were pros and were cute as can be!!

After the bike parade in which we took second place as a family for most patriotic, which got us some gift cards to a local restaurant that just opened up...yum, We headed over to the pavilion in our neighborhood to have a bbq with some of our friends from the hood.  The Davis' and their roommates were there and we had too much fun playing yard games, such as swing ball (I was unbeatable), lasso golf, and bocce ball!!

 Debbie and Brian looking cute as ever

Emily playing bocce ball with us!!

Tyler, he and Bryan won us our victory over the other team!!

 After we got good and tired there, we piled into the car for a headed up to Studio City.  We love going to Kauru's place for the 4th because we get to see Kauru and her cute kids that are now all grown up (yikes) and tons of our other old friends that we miss so much since we moved down to Anaheim.
The boys love the awesome fireworks ...well maybe not Isaac so much, but he will someday!!

Yes he stayed like that the entire fireworks show until the end when he decided to cry and wouldn't let Bryan put him down...

on the other hand, Owen slept through the whole show

 We love celebrating the birth of our country.  We are so grateful for all those men and women who made it what it is today and that keep us safe and allow us are freedom still!!