Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Visiting My Sisters

I got to take a mini vacation and go visit my sisters and their babies in Tennessee.  It was so fun to see my little sisters and finally meet Caleb (20 months) and see Kyah (4 years) and meet the newest member of the family little Maddie (1 month). 
I made Maddie some dresses and a bonnet.  I have made this dress before a few years ago for Kyah but I had never attempted a bonnet.  It turned out so dang cute! I love bonnets!
 My boys wouldn't model the bonnet but Adam's bear, Mary, was more than willing!

 I decided on an outfit for the plane ride! My travel day ended up being a little bit of an adventure that turned out pretty awesome.  I ended up being delayed in Santa Ana thus making me miss my next flight in Dallas.  Well it was the last flight out that night so, I was informed I could be put on the wait list for a cot!  That sounded terrible, luckily I have rad friends in Dallas!  My friend Hannah Morgan came with her four kiddos (in their jammies) and picked me up from the airport.  Then I got stay up super late and catch up with an old friend, well we are both young but we hadn't seen each other in a little over 3 years.  I got to meet her youngest two boys, she has 3 boys and 1 girl.  Then the next morning her good sport of a husband took me back to the airport leaving their house at 5:30 a.m.  I love seeing old friends and what a fun surprise for  my mini vacation!

 Then I arrived in Tennessee and got picked up by my sister, Rachael. 

Here is a picture of little Caleb and I, isn't he a cutie?  He sort of looks a little like Owen...

Here is my cute sister and his cute Mama, Jessie...  It was her birthday and she had gotten some gifts from our Mom and Sister, Sarah, and was modeling them in these pictures...:D

 Here is Maddie and I...

Maddie and her Daddy, John.
Maddie in the outfit I made her.  The bonnet is still a little big.  I assumed it would be though it is for a 6 month old.  But she still looks adorable.

I took Caleb  for a walk in the grass across the street.  He had tons of fun rubbing dead dandelions in my hair.

My sisters and I! Left to Right:   Rachael, Jessie, Me

My cute big girl Niece and I.  She was being a pill so this is the only picture I got of her.  :D

While I was there, Rachael let me pick all of Maddie's little outfits.  This one was my favorite of all of them.  How could I resist the gray and pink ensemble with the giant bow!

And then 4 days later I had to leave to go back to my babies.  It sure was fun hanging with my family out East though.


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