Friday, May 24, 2013

This and That

Sometimes there is just a lot going on and I am super excited when I look back through my pics and find little captured moments.

We went to the Sealing of little Marin Cooke to her family! It was like a reunion of sorts at the Temple (those are my favorite reunions) and we got to see lots of friends that we just don't get to see much anymore. Afterwards we snuck in dinner with the McCoys. We have known the McCoys since before we were married if you can imagine. They were newlyweds and we were within a couple months of being so too. We had no kids and were just two VERY young couples! That was 12 years ago. Now we have NINE kids between our two families and it is like we live next door even though we see each other maybe, if we are lucky, once a year. We just love them.

Feeding the missionaries is one our families favorite things to do!

Kevin is now too big for the IKEA play area. This is sad but he took it like a pro and walked Ikea with Owen and I!

I rollerbladed with the boys! They were shocked I could do that!

Kevin bought pajamas with his own money. Of all the things target had to offer that is what he wanted!

Kevin can walk Owen, I LOVE it!

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