Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Owen's first haircut

Owen got his first haircut! It was so cute and he did a pretty good job of letting Mima work her magic.

Look how cute it turned out. I always think they look so much older when they get their first little cut.

Sadly it did not last long, like his oldest brother, Owen started pulling his hair out and gave himself a solid bald spot right on top. We decided it was in his best interest to get rid of his hair for a while until he could break that little habit. So now he is sporting this haircut.

Funny thing about this is that we had to do it to Kevin too and I actually buzzed his head at our good friends the Thompson's home out by their pool. This time the buzzing took place at our friends the McCoys in their backyard. Hopefully I will not have to buzz anymore of my boys' hair since it is not a hairstyle I personally like for my boys. Plus which friends would get the honor of keeping their hair next time. :)

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Hannah said...

It's so sad you had to cut all his hair off! I don't think that Aidan is ever going to have enough hair to cut!