Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Las Vegas

I love a change of scenery! We got an awesome opportunity to crash my parents vacation! They were there for Magic, a fashion show for retailers. I got to go to that too, it was super fun! We found lots to do in Vegas!
First we decided to watch the fountains at the Bellagio!

It was to "My Heart Will Go On"

Look at these cute faces!

We tried out a couple buffets. The Flamingo buffet was okay but the buffet at The Paris was amazing. I never worry about getting my money's worth for the kids because they only eat shrimp and crab at these buffets! They love seafood!

And cotton candy!

We spent a day at the pool. It was lovely. The pool at the Whyndam where we stayed was amazing!

Then we took the boys out on the town! We saw New York, Paris, and the MGM Grand!

A family outside the MGM gave us free tickets for the Monorail so we took a train ride! Isaac loved this adventure! We left Owen with my parents while we were out it was so nice and by then he wasn't feeling very well :( .

We went and saw a juggling act at Circus Circus. It ended up being a very long walk from the Monorail...yikes!

But the boys had tons of fun there.

We even squeezed in a date. We had taken a tour at the time share and gotten $100 in food vouchers which is how we ate out at the buffets. We used up the last of a our vouchers and went back to the Paris buffet because it was amazing and then went down to Fremont Street.

We had so much fun on our mini vacation. Yes, Owen and Isaac got sick but hey it was flu season.
I know there are more pics (mom? Dad? ) so if you've got them please send them :)

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