Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our baby is One!

We recently celebrated Owen's 1st Birthday

It was so much fun planning his little party.  We chose a to do a monster theme!  Did I mention this was so much fun!


In preparation for the party we made monsters!  The boys helped me design their shapes.  Then my super awesome friend Hillary helped me hand sew on all these cute faces.  We made 14 of them!


 Then I made a pendant banner.  I love how it turned out!

The boys went to work on decorating the beverage cups with googly eyes!!


Then it was party Day!

I cut the watermelon and made him a monster.  He was gobbling up all the fruit!


Marshmallows on a stick, special request from the big boys!  Plus they are super cute!
For the cupcake stand I wrapped a couple of boxes with wrapping paper and stacked them.

Treats for the little monsters!

and drinks!

 Big people treats!

These gorgeous cupcakes were made by Nana!  They were so yummy too.  She made carrot cake and lemon cupcakes.  YUM!




Each kiddo got to take home a monster and an adoption certificate!  Here is our super cute Neighbor Ahmed!!



Here is Owen's little friend Inara and her cute Mama!



 The birthday boy!! He is so stinking cute!

playing with his friends, Maryn and Alice!

Owen giving some love to Mima and Papa!

Waiting for Cake!


 He went straight for the frosting!
Check out this great picture of some of the big boys!  This is for future blackmail :D

Awe Best buddies...the Cookes and Lows!


The cake aftermath!

Owen's friend Alice and her Mama!!

All the babies...Owen has a lot of girl friends!  Left to Right:  Inara, Hadley, Owen, Maryn, and Alice!  They are such a cute bunch!


 Owen was more interested in the balloon though, than his girlfriends! 

The boys overhelped with unwrapping the presents!

It was a super fun day.  I loved it!  Owen is such a cutie and I think he had fun too.  He didn't cry during the birthday song and usually my boys do!  Parties for my boys are too much fun for me!  I love planning them and spending time making stuff to make it really fun!

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Hillary said...

So, so cute! I especially love the Monster Adoption certificates that you did - so clever!