Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meeting Bob

Isaac loves the show Bob the Builder so when I heard we could have lunch with him for $1 because we are members at The Discovery Science Center (best Christmas Present ever, thanks Grandma and Grandpa) I knew we had to be there. Of course I bought tickets in advance thinking nothing of flu season and sure enough Adam, Owen Bryan and I were all still pretty ill. But I got up all my energy and took the two boys that were well and went out for pizza (don't ever buy pizza from a place called Z Pizza, it was terrible, the boys ate it though) we did a craft with Bob and got to get pics taken with him. Isaac was actually too afraid of Bob to take a picture with him, of course. Kevin did it though!

We then visited a few of the exhibits, here is Isaac the goalie!

And Kevin in a hurricane!

My sweet Kevin he is always a good sport!


Beth said...

Cute! I was wondering if Bob the Builder was still cool w/ the kiddos. Tyler used to be obsessed w/ it and Cole was playing with tools the other day, so it got me wondering. You have the cutest boys... we still miss them (and YOU!!)

Tanya said...

Beth lets plan a play date this summer!!