Friday, June 1, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

This year we started our Easter weekend Here!!!  It was lovely.  It was hot and we were the only people at the pool!!  I have to be honest I was shocked that we had not had Owen!!  The boys wore themselves out then we went home and took a nap so that we could be ready for the next party!!! The Low Family Easter Party!!

This kids were excited that Alex came because it gave them someone else to play with and she added the girl to the whole mix...  In these pictures the boys were trying to find the perfect flower for the princess and she was deciding if they were good enough...soooo funny!!

poor Bryce gets used and abused at these parties, good thing we don't have them everyday.  The boys loved being swung really high up in the air!!!

perfect example

don't forget our annual Easter egg hunt.  The boys were so excited when they realized the golden eggs contained 5 one dollar bills!!!! Woohoo...they still have not spent all of it now nearly 2 months was sooo much money!!! :D
funny story that came out of the day!!...I wasn't there but I was told they had to collect an airplane off of a neighbors roof...Bryce lifted Bryan onto the roof...I would have loved to have seen and video taped that...Bryan had some hefty scratches to show for his endeavors but they got the plane back!!

The next day was Easter Sunday!!

The boys woke up bright and early and had to search for their Easter baskets!!  which they were excited to find that the Easter bunny had brought them new swim stuff and some bubbles and diving rings!!!

We then got ready and went to church.  Well the boys did.  I stayed home as I had begun seriously having some labor pains and was pretty immobile at that point with my pulled groin. 

That afternoon Grandma and Grandpa and Nana and Uncles Geoffrey, Christopher, and Josh and Aunt Sarah came over and cooked up an awesome Easter Dinner and we all got to spend some time together.  It was really nice, I continued to feel icky...(but I was happy to finally be feeling like a baby was coming)

That night we packed up the boys and took them over to Mima and Poppas for the night.  We had an early morning and exciting day ahead of us...We were to be induced the next morning at 5:00 a.m   eeeeeeeeekkkk!!!

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