Thursday, May 24, 2012

Losing Teeth!!

Kevin started losing his teeth this year!!

In January he lost his first tooth!!
and in March he lost his second tooth.  So now he has his two front bottom teeth missing. 

Funny tooth fairy story:  With Kevin's second tooth he said that the quarters that the tooth fairy brought him were definitely the same quarters that had been in Mom and Dad's room...he's crazy!!! He even showed marks on them that he recognized, he is very observative...So maybe the tooth fairy borrowed my quarters this time...she paid me back later :D

check out this plate of food, no doubt the kid can eat!! he ate all of that,  by the way!!!


Hillary said...

Love that picture at the end. A few missing teeth can't slow him down, lol.

English Garden said...

so fun when the tooth fairy starts to visit.