Friday, June 29, 2012

Father's Day

This Father's Day weekend we headed up to Oxnard to visit our family and celebrate Father's Day, Uncle Rick's Birthday, and the adoption of Travis by his dad, Justin. It was very exciting and it was the first time we had gotten all the boys on the Low side together in one place!! Here are some pics of the fun we had!!

Some of the Awesome Fathers in our lives

Travis and Owen

Matthew and Owen

7 boys on a couch!!...

6 boys getting wet

one boy getting rest!

one boy getting extra love and attention from Mima and Poppa!!

the Man of our house

fighting over the fork for the ice cream cake...I think Isaac might have won that one :D

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English Garden said...

wow, I've been so lame on checking blogs lately, I can't believe you ended up in the hospital and almost in surgery! Good to know you are doing well, not being able to breastfeed is bittersweet, Owen looks so cute:)