Friday, June 15, 2012

Owen's Blessing

We were so excited for Owen's blessing.  It happened on May 6, 2012.  We had friends and family coming to see the blessing and participate in it.  Attending the blessing was, My parents, Nana, The Cooke Family and the Grays!  Afterwards the Cookes and Grays came over for dinner and an afternoon of play for the kiddos, and who are we kidding the adults we were with some of our very favorite people!! 

The story of the day:  well it is true while in the circle during the blessing the guys almost dropped Owen.  He wiggled, like he always does and literally had to be caught by daddy with the help of other hands as well.  He was not dropped and didn't even cry which was a strange miracle, but Bryan was pretty shaken up and our advise to all those out there don't forget to put two hands under the baby.  This was Bryan's fourth time doing this but, as he said he just couldn't decide this time on one or two hands and there were so many hands helping it seemed fine but really...two hands are better than one : D

For those who do not know:   A baby blessing at our church is an ordinance in which the baby is given a name and blessing.  The ordinance is performed by men with the melchizadek priesthood.  The blessing is given as directed by the spirit.  Anyone is welcome to attend and it is truly a beautiful thing to see a Father blessing his children with those things that his Heavenly Father wants for them.

Here are some pics from the day!!

The star of the show!!

 boys, boys, boys!!

 Look at these good looking kiddos!!

Great Family shot!

Isaac didn't want to smile so Shel set to work on getting a smile out of the little guy...She got some great shots of Isaac being Isaac!!

This is Ned he is our robot friend.  Emily made him and he is just about the cutest thing ever

Here is a moment in time captured by Joel.  I seriously love these girls.  I am blessed with amazing friends and I love this picture because it really is just us having fun... We didn't know it was taken until Joel asked if he could put it on FB, lol...
It was a wonderful day.  I wish all Sundays were baby blessing days

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Crazy Lady said...

that is a really cute picture you girls.

very cute post. miss ya.