Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kevin turned 5!!!

I know you thought you lost me from the blogging world but honestly I got overwhelmed by all Kevin's Birthday celebrations. He is one lucky little boy to have so many grandparents that just love and love him. We started Kevin's birthday MONTH by having a little party at Mima and Papa's home. Then a little birthday on his actual birthday with just our family and later Grandma and Grandpa and then a couple days later a little party with Nana...by party I mean cake and candles because to Kevin that makes a party and so we partied hard. We planned a friend birthday party but due to lots and lots of circumstances it fell through and he got to have another family party with just us again. Here are some pics from all the partying :D

My 5 year old
cake #1 Ice Cream Cake

Decorated for his birthday morning!!

future photographer in our midst

cake #2...Cheesecake
Cake #3 is not pictured but was chocolate cake made by Nana!

Cake #4 was chocolate cupcakes with our Ice Cream Sundays!!
Friends were sick and it was pouring down raining and it kept all our friends away for the day but it was still a super fun Birthday Party!!

Our planned party included Ice cream Sunday making and balloon popping...the boys had ton's of fun doing these things even though it was just the three of them...

and for a laugh here is a little video


Beth said...

I can't believe these kids are all turning 5!!! Make it stop.

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Stevens Family said...

That video was so funny. It really brightened my morning. BTW I love your family pictures - so cute! Happy Birthday Kevin!! I love that first picture where he's looking through the candles...so cool.