Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas plus some!

Christmas Morning was tons of fun. We woke up and starting making breakfast, on the menu: cinnamon rolls, cherry cheese danish, and quiche. We ate yum yum...then Isaac was ready to go back to sleep so he went up for a nap, but not before we got this super cute pic...isn't he cute in his Christmas jammies?...

We had all gifts shipped here this year for all the west coast crew and we were joined Christmas morning by My parents and my sister Sarah and her hubby Josh!! And this will go down as the Big Box Christmas, all gifts came in big boxes it seemed... (we almost lost Josh)

two very excited little boys!!

We started with stockings!!

then on to the big boxes :D
Band Hero!

two Giant Dinosaurs, not apples
The first snuggie recipient in our family...Goooo longhorns!

Isaac's own big boy bike, he eventually woke up :D

bikes and scooters for all, Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!

Dress up costumes from Nana always popular at our house
Adam hit a snowbank Christmas eve and got a little eaten up by the ice :( but that didn't put a damper on his Christmas fun!!

Dinner for 14, I love my huge table...

Bryan's dessert

The next day Mima and Papa came over and it was Christmas all over again!!
smartcycle for the big cool

Loves from Mima!!

Isaac's blocks from Mima and Papa were a hit with everyone!

everyone say ooooooo just like Isaac

dueling leapsters

Kevin's family portrait

Adam's family portrait

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Josh got the boys a giant solar system poster, it is a hit!!

stay hydrated (thanks millers) and ride hard (thanks Papa and Mima)
a video for your viewing enjoyment bike riding for all!!

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Crazy Lady said...

love love all the pictures and i'm pretty jealous you got to hang out with your family. the table is great.