Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve!!

Christmas Eve was lots of fun. Plans were upended and changed but in the end we had lots of fun on our search for snow adventure, We found it and played till' dark...
On our way to find some snow...this picture taken on the 15 freeway at 75mph...a car full of fun
Isaac on his perch

Go Miller's


Our first casualty, Josh hit the snow bank there was another one to follow you'll see that in the Christmas Day pics :D

Beautiful Chica

Sis, playing the part of "the snowwoman"

If only we would had brought Charcoal we could have had a bbq

Easter Island Statues?????

Christmas Eve Dinner = In & Out
I will always remember this Christmas as the Christmas of Huge boxes. No bows had been put on prior to Christmas Eve so Sis and I had our work cut out for us...make em' beautiful girls!

Sis and Josh go down the big Hill!!

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Beth said...

that's a great idea to go find the snow!