Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Colony Park, the Park!!!

Today we went to the grand opening ceremony for the brand new park in our neighborhood. When we moved into Colony Park we were promised a playground and they delivered a very fun playground. I actually spoke to our Mayor, he thought the boys in the water were pretty cute. He asked if they were mine and of course, yes they were and talked about upcoming cool stuff coming in Anaheim. He seemed like a nice guy, but we just voted in a new mayor last week so oh well. Oh yeah his name is, Curt Pringle. Oh and while I'm dropping names I know two boys that at least made the online version of the OC Register Check them out HERE they are in the "more photos" area of the article. They are the cutest boys at the park, of course I am a little biased Orange trees, lots of them!!!

gelato for attending :D

a creek runs through it!!!

we played for hours and left when we were too cold and wet!!!


Brandon + Chelsea + Ella said...

That looks awesome! Can't wait to come play!!

Grammy said...

Hi, Tawny! (and all), Pictures are adorable and your boys are growing so fast! Sorry I don't get to see you all any more, but think of you all so very often. Love, Aunt Grammy Ruby.

The Trotter Family said...

How nice to have a park so close and it is a good one too! It is strange that now that I have kids, I am picky about the parks I go to. I don't like the wood chip parks and like it when the things are lower. I'm such a mom!

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