Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Eve Party 2010/2011

This year we decided to throw a New Year's Eve Party. We do something every year because I was brought up to do so. But usually it is small because I can't seem to pull anything together or I don't have the space this year I did it. We didn't get a huge crowd but it was sure a lot of fun. We had a Wii party. There was Just Dance 2 going on and a whole lotta Beatles Rock Band going on, and even a little Monopoly Deal going on...We even had prizes on the hour every hour till 12...It was tons of fun and It was so fun to bring in the new year with my sister and brother in law and some friends from church. My kiddos were off having the night of their life with Grandma and Grandpa...ie....smores, ice cream cones, movies...and that is just what they told me...but it was lovely to sleep in after staying up so late. What a way to start the New Year...yay for 2011

We look pretty darn good for after midnight...I couldn't choose which one was better so I put both up :D

Bryan made it till' midnight we were so proud of him

we love love love these two and they love each other too...isn't that awesome!!

Our friend Ryan and my Bryan
Sarah and David Trabanino and winner of the 11 p.m prize
Nicole and Kelly Christensen...cute sisters we are sad they have to go back to College in Utah this week.
The winner's circle. Josh took home the 9 p.m. prize...his own monopoly deal game
Maureen Christensen took home 10 p.m. air hockey for your own table
David took 11p.m. with a pizza stone
and the grand prize winner for the 12 a.m. drawing was Conner, he won Despicable Me bluray/dvd and popcorn and candy and such.
We sufficiently bribed everyone to stay the whole time and had fun doing it. :D


Sarah said...

Prizes every hour on the hour is a brilliant idea! We also played a little "Just Dance" at our New Year's Eve party. That game is a really good work-out. I swear you could do it as card in the morning and sweat, and feel really good!

Stevens Family said...

We miss you guys a whole lot! Looks like it was so much fun. You always throw the best parties.