Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kevin Turns 3!!

Today was Kevin's big day, although his birthday is actually next Wednesday, his party was on Saturday. He had so much fun playing at the playground with all of his friends and making pudding masterpieces (that were yummy too). He had a blast getting to see his Nana and Mima and Papa as well. Here are some pics of all the happenings.

We used food coloring and flavored pudding to make an array of colors, to cut down on the spreading of too many germs (ha ha) we had separate plates of "paints"

Hard at work

You gotta try this!!

cupcakes for all!!

Hanging out with my best bud...


Sarah said...

It was a great birthday party! Thanks for having us. Happy birthday, Kevin!

Grammy said...

Hi there, Happy Birthday, Kevin! Wonderful party, and it looks like great fun.
Love you all,
Aunt Grammy

Pam said...

happy birthday kevin! sorry we missed it, looked like fun!

Beth said...

It was so fun. Such a great idea to paint with pudding.

The Trotter Family said...

I'm sorry we missed it. It looks like they had a blast!