Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day Two...

Today I woke with the feeling of misery for what was to come. Yesterday was Day 1 without a pacifier at nap time for Kevin. He has gone without it at night now for about 6 weeks and all is fine but naps, I need his naps, was another story and I caved after two days of no naps, but now we are trying again and yesterday was a good two hours before he fell asleep for his 1 hour nap :( . Today, though, I planned ahead. I took the boys to the park to make them extra especially tired and waited to make it a little bit of a late nap (even more tired) and I must say that IT WORKED. I never heard a peep out of either one of them, what a relief

( Yes there is snow on our hats if you look really hard :) )

That being said...what everyone really wants is pictures so here are some shots from our trip to Tenn Last week. It snowed so the boys had a blast playing in the flurries (it never stuck). We made wedding invitations and hung out with my sisters and mom and dad it was lots of fun although I am totally exhausted.

During our Layover in Memphis my Dad's sister visited us at the airport. We had lunch and the boys got to Meet Aunt Sharon for the first time. I had not seen her in nearly 9 years. It was so fun to catch up with her a little bit.

My Eskimo child. the temperature never rose above 37 the entire week we were there so every time we went outside it was bitterly cold. Luckily Adam was appropriately dressed

Leaves, leaves, leaves...I take for granted some things in my childhood and leaves are one of those things. My boys have never played in giant piles of leaves until now and they had a blast.

the boys were great on the airplane. I was so worn out, though from entertaining them during the 3-4 hour flights, but no meltdowns or ear problems, just irritation especially from Adam on not getting to walk around for that long.


The Trotter Family said...

I like your hat! Looks like fun. I bet it was fun to just visit the snow and know you don't have to live in or drive in it when you get home. I'm not a snow person at all!

Grammy said...

Dear Tanya,
what fun you all had! I am so glad we got to spend some time together, too! Looking forward to your next trip here to TN.
love from your Aunt Grammy