Thursday, November 6, 2008

Craft Time

So for the last month or so we have been trying to do some sort of craft during Adam's morning nap. It has been working fabulously because Kevin is having fun and is relatively quiet as well, letting Adam get his much needed rest. We have done fun stuff such as painting, finger painting, drawing, making painted noodle necklaces, making cards and yes sometimes we make cookies and treats as well (that is crafty right?) Kevin is having a blast. Today we made goggles out of an egg carton. He got to paint them and help me string them and voila goggles.

Of course, I under estimated what a hit these would be and had to whip one up for Adam as soon as he woke up.


The Trotter Family said...

Cute idea! I love his new haircut. He does look more and more like his dad. Now all he needs is the chest hair coming out the top to be a spitting image!

Grammy said...

Really neat idea! Kids really love doing stuff with their hands and he is learning a whole lot of "how-to" skills. Wise lady you are!
Love you all,
Aunt Grammy

Beth said...

Do you think these up yourself or do you ever go to any cool crafty website/blogs for kids? This is a good idea. I've been wanting to do this in the afternoon when Audrey is asleep.