Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bowling, Bowling

On Tuesday we went bowling with some of the Cooke family (sadly Shel and Caleb had to stay home to reduce the spread of germs) But the big boys had a blast bowling for the first time. Bowling has come a long way in the last few years. They now have computers that make the bumpers go up and down depending on who's turn it Kevin and Kien got bumpers while the rest of us just wished we had them
(The Technique)
The what seemed like 3 minute wait for the ball to reach the pins. We actually made them wait a couple of times even though they showed very little interest on where the ball went after it left their hands.

Very funny pic of Bryan that I just had to share with everyone


Grammy said...

Hay, Tawny,
How cool is that? Very cool, I'd say! Bowling for children is so way cool and they look like they were loving it, too.
Reckon they would put bumpers for little old ladies like Aunt Grammy?it sure would make it easier on a bad backed little old lady!
Lookin' forward to seeing you all.
Love you, Aunt Grammy

Sarah said...

I am so bummed we didn't make it. Michelle called me and told me I should come with Josie, but Tallulah was too snotty and not feeling well. Josie and I would have had such a blast with those little guys. Maybe next time you go, give me a call!